Thursday, September 11

Your Signatures Needed for Letter to President Barron


Dear President Barron,

On September 5, 2014, you issued an email and video statement calling for civility and respect among the Penn State community.  We truly appreciate your effort to reach out and open this line of communication with the Penn State family.  And, we absolutely embrace the chance for the PSU community and PSU leadership to come together and demonstrate civility toward one another. 

Hopefully you agree that civility and respect are to be mutual and reciprocal actions.  Many of the alumni have felt the Administration and Board's decisions and attitude toward us have been very disrespectful -- in other words, not civil.  But, President Barron, you can change that today.  You are in a unique position with a perfect opportunity to reinstate civility within our Penn State family.

In your video statement, it appears that you and the PSU leadership are ready to sit down and talk with us:

                “Here at a university, our primary function is to be able to sit there and talk about issues and delve into them and learn other people’s opinions and learn the information that it takes for us to formulate our thoughts. And the only way we can do that is if we can have a discourse that allows people to talk and to discuss and not have it end up in something which is really a whole set of unkind comments. You will never ever be able to reach a conclusion if we stand apart that far. 

                If you think about it, respect and that sense of community at Penn State is really one of our core values.  And so, I hope you’ll join me and the entire leadership at Penn State University and help us continue to maintain that very core value of respect for each another.”

Yes!  Dr. Barron we will join you and the entire leadership at PSU to sit down, delve into, and discuss the issues that ail our community– and one issue in particular – the Freeh Report.

Therefore, we, the undersigned Penn State alumni and friends, request that the University Administration and its Board of Trustees hold Louis Freeh to his pledge of coming to Penn State to discuss his report.  On July 12, 2012, Freeh stated:  

We will make ourselves available to the Task Force and Board to answer any questions they may have, but we will not have an ongoing role with the University. We will also make ourselves available to the students, faculty and staff of the University at the appropriate time at State College. 

We also ask that the alumni, who are indeed part of the Penn State Community, be invited to join in the discussion.  

We believe the appropriate time to have a civil and frank discussion about the Freeh Report is long overdue.

Will you, President Barron, maintain that core value of respect and grant our request?

For the Glory,

Penn State Friends of

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  1. Although I think this is a great idea but because he was hired by the BoT I don't think he has the authority to change anyone on the Bs opinion. I feel he is more of a talking head expressing the ideas of the B and not his own. I am still looking for specifics as to what PSU is doing differently to eliminate some but not all the sanctions. Just a huge waste of money, but then again we wasted a lot on the Freeh report.