Friday, October 24 Runs Full Page DEFINING MOMENT Ad About Tuesday's Vote on Freeh Report


For over two years, the Freeh Report has been the cornerstone used by the media, the public, and the NCAA to define Penn State University and the Penn State community in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.  

To date, those in charge of the University, the Penn State Board of Trustees, have not officially reviewed the report and therefore, have not officially accepted or rejected its findings.  That is quite disturbing since Karen Peetz, on behalf of Penn State, accepted responsibility for the Board’s failures regarding Sandusky’s crimes the very day the report was released without any formal review or discussion among the Board.

It is mind-blowing to imagine that a reputable, world renowned institution like Penn State would be run by leaders who would accept a report, which, among other things, would cost the school more than $100 million dollars, without having even one formal discussion.

This is akin to a prosecutor (Freeh) bringing a suspect (PSU) before a judge (PSU Board) for arraignment, where upon hearing the charges the judge bypasses the law, convicts the suspect on the spot and orders a life sentence, without a trial and without hearing any evidence.

Regardless of your opinion of the formal PSU officials who are awaiting trial, the Penn State Board of Trustees breached its fiduciary responsibility when it bypassed standing orders, unofficially accepted Freeh’s findings and sentenced PSU to a life sentence.

Finally, the Debate We Have All Been Waiting For

This Tuesday, October 28, the Board will be hearing from vocal trustees in favor of Al Lord's resolution to "reopen and complete" the Freeh investigation.  The entire Board will be forced to vote on the resolution, and as a result, will have to go "on the record" whether they will stand behind the incomplete and discredited $8.1 million dollar Freeh Report or whether they will support an effort to obtain a complete and accurate record of facts and evidence that would reveal how Sandusky was able to abuse young boys on (and off) the PSU campus.

All students, alumni, faculty, and friends of Penn State, as well as the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, deserve to know the facts about who and what enabled Jerry Sandusky's serial child abuse.  And only the truth will provide the much needed reform within the state’s Child Protective Service agencies to ensure children are PA’s top priority.

If you believe in justice for the children and justice for Penn State, then the Freeh Report must be officially reviewed by the Penn State Board of Trustees. 

Show your support at this Tuesday’s public Board meeting scheduled for 11 a.m. in Ball Room C of the Nittany Lion Inn.  Be a part of this defining moment in Penn State’s history! 

President Barron’s Non-response to Request of Having Freeh Come to PSU
If you recall, on September 19th, 2014 (in a 2.5 page ad in the CDT), over 1,500 Penn State alumni, students and friends signed a letter to President Barron publicly requesting that PSU hold Louis Freeh to his pledge to come to State College for a discussion of his Freeh Report.

After weeks of no response and an email reminder to President Barron that a response was expected, he provided an apology for his delayed reply-citing that he was unaware a response was expected because he thought the ‘letter was for public consumption.’  Unfortunately, his reply did not address the key request of bringing Freeh to PSU for a discussion of his report.

While Barron can exercise his option not to respond or make a decision about Mr. Freeh and his report, the PSU Board of Trustees will no longer have that luxury.

Will President Barron, the Penn State Board of Trustees, and the University continue to obstruct the search for the truth?  

Or, will they finally realize that only the truth will heal the great divide within the Penn State community?

Join us Tuesday for the answer!

Penn State Friends of

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