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PA NOW calls for Resignation of Frank Noonan

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Pennsylvania NOW Calls For Resignation of State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan

PHILADELPHIA, October 3, 2014- It's been a week since Attorney General Kathleen Kane disclosed that hundreds of sexually explicit materials had been shared via email in the Attorney General's office under Tom Corbett's leadership. It is appropriate that Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary E. Christopher Abruzzo has resigned in the wake of the scandal, and that he accepts responsibility for the “lack of judgement” allowing such a practice to continue demonstrates. The Pennsylvania state chapter of the National Organization for Women (PA NOW) calls on Governor Corbett to take swifter action addressing the issue and to answer questions about his own leadership of the office during the time this widespread practice occurred. State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan and others currently serving in leadership positions within the Corbett administration should be asked to resign.

According to Kane, Commissioner Frank Noonan received 338 emails with explicit content, pornographic images depicting women in workplace settings, and violent porn, none of which have any place in an office setting nor in the halls of government, and which contribute to a hostile work environment. After having received 338 pornographic emails, it certainly doesn't reflect well on Noonan's judgement not to have stopped the circulation of such images at work.

Pornography has no place at work. It's harder for women to work in an atmosphere where sexism is tolerated, and even encouraged. It contributes to a sexist culture that's unacceptable in any workplace, in government, and most especially in our law enforcement agencies where women trust officials to evaluate cases free of the stereotypes and myths that often accompany sexual assault and harassment.

Women, as well as men, expect the state's law enforcement officers to have better judgement, to model behavior that doesn't tolerate sexism. The volume suggests that Commissioner Noonan either ignored the problem or condoned it. In either case, it's appropriate for the Governor to ask for resignations,” said PA NOW President Caryn Hunt. “Sharing pornography at work- especially sexual fantasies about workplace relationships – contributes to a hostile, sexist workplace culture. If you don't know that pornography belongs in your private life, and not at work, then at best it's fair to seriously question your judgement and your competency to lead both men and women. ”

Fostering a sexist work atmosphere undermines the public's trust of our top law enforcement officials. We call on the Governor to act now so that every member of state government knows this practice will not be tolerated.

Caryn Hunt
President, Pennsylvania NOW


Pennsylvania NOW, Inc. | P. O. Box 4 Ft. Washington, PA 19034 | 814-280-8571


  1. Sounds like Commissioner Noonan had a "moral obligation" to put a stop to this...

  2. It defies common sense that Frank Noonan would have left over 300 porn emails sit in his inbox unopened or that he would not have suspected they were porn when they had racy subject lines.

    They should publish the complete list of subject lines for those emails so the public can see what Noonan wants us to believe he missed.

    How can citizens expect Frank Noonan to catch a cop killer when he, allegedly, didn't even suspect he had 300 porn emails in his own inbox? He should be fired immediately.

  3. Frank Noonan should not resign, he should be arrested and jailed for being a co-conspirator and perpetrator in the illegal televised kangaroo court that slandered PSU and Joe Paterno. But Pennsylvania's organized crime leader, Governor Corbett, will protect Noonan until the end. After all, Frank Noonan is now the recently appointed keeper of Corbett's Ray Gricar secrets. The "Governor" would rather bow out of the election than leave his Gricar secrets unattended.

    Anyone who doesn't think there's something very illegal and immoral being protected by Corbett's henchmen need only look at the brazen and desperate actions they have taken over the years. It all ties together over this Second Mile child abuse victim farm that Sandusky was allowed to run for years.

    And there are continued brazen and desperate actions being exhibited by the man in question, Frank Noonan. We have an unprecedented search for the cop-killer, Eric Frein playing out now as "Porngate" unfolds. Does the Eric Frein manhunt overshadow Porngate? If so, we should ask, who benefits from this overshadowing? We should also ask, what are the financial implications of the search? Will it break the bank for the next incoming Governor who we all surely know will not be Tom Corbett?

    My point is, Frank Noonan is mishandling this event for unethical and personal reasons. He has allowed his troopers to publicly taunt Eric Frein. This would seem to invite or instigate a fire-fight that would endanger his troopers and the public.There also seems to be a brazen disregard for the surrounding resident's rights as property owners. The resulting lawsuits may end up being quite crippling to the new administration. So, one has to wonder, when is Frank Noonan going to end this expensive and dangerous search for the "boogeyman"?