Monday, November 17

Franco Harris: "Knowledge"


  1. And this ain't no Hail Mary pass!

    You guys are true heroes on an epic journey.

    Best wishes for continuing success,

  2. It is just a matter of time until more of the Nov. 2011 Trustees are gone from the Board, and the Board eventually apologizes for all the huge mistakes made in the Sandusky scandal.

    Governor Wolf's Trustee appointments may make it happen sooner. President Barron's review of the Freeh Report may make it happen sooner. The Jan. lawsuit against the NCAA may make it happen sooner.

  3. Perhaps the new Governor will help clean up the trustee mess, but I have very little faith that President Barron's review will do anything but back Freeh and the trustees and say it's time to "move on". I think our best hope is what may come out of the upcoming trials.