Friday, November 14

Ketchen, Snow, Pope: Why PSU Governance Reforms Won't Work

Courtesy Dave Ketchen


  1. Well reasoned, well documented common sense advice that the Penn State Board of Trustees would be well advised to heed. The present board structure lacks transparency, is antiquated, ineffective and based on cronyism. Change must occur in order for for the University to remain one of the top institutions of learning in the world.

  2. Penn State didn't learn from their neighbor to the south VA Tech and their 2007 massacre, which was a similar crisis. VA Tech could have easily fired their President and police chief but instead supported them, despite their apparent misjudgements, and fired no one. VA Tech never accepted the commission report that put some of the blame on them.

    The VA Supreme court ruled that VA Tech was not negligent in response to a lawsuit. VA Tech officials stood up for their university, PSU trustees did not.

  3. Geeeze...just get rid of the crooks!