Saturday, January 17

Eileen Morgan: Comment on Restoration of Wins

January 16, 2015

JOE PATERNO (409-136-3)
ALL of your wins, losses and ties centered on integrity, good sportsmanship, and Success with Honor.
We have always known that.
Vacated wins, loss of scholarships, and loss of bowl eligibility were the NCAA and the Penn State Board's smokescreen to blame one man's sickness on Penn State's football program and the impeccable career of Paterno.
Today's restoration of PSU's wins along with the previous revocation of loss of scholarships and bowl ineligibility, only further cement the fact that this was NEVER a football culture problem or a cover-up by Paterno. The NCAA and PSU Board have confirmed this fact today and have proven they needlessly marred the reputation of Joe Paterno, the football program, the students, the alumni and the entire Penn State community.
The revocation of these sanctions are not for 'good behavior.' It is because the truth has come out and has shined light on the NCAA and Board's nefarious deeds.
The NCAA insist they "acted in good faith." Anyone following this story knows their emails clearly show there was a lot of 'acting' but nothing in 'good faith.' They admitted in emails they questioned whether they actually had authority for sanctions and that asserting jurisdiction would be a 'stretch.'
The emails further show the PSU board collaborated with and was compliant with the NCAA.
Why would the PSU Board do this to their own school?
The truth is coming. The smokescreen is dissipating and justice will prevail.
The fight is not over.

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