Saturday, January 17

Paterno Family Statement on Restoration of Wins

January 16, 2015  1:19 PM

Today is a great day for everyone who has fought for the truth in the Sandusky tragedy. The repeal of the consent decree and the return of the wins to the University and Joe Paterno confirm that the NCAA and the Board of Trustees acted prematurely and irresponsibly in the unprecedented sanctions the NCAA imposed on the University, the players, coaches and the community.

This case should always have been about the pursuit of the truth, not the unjust vilification of the culture of a great institution and the scapegoating of coaches, players, and administrators who were never given a chance to defend themselves.

For nearly three years, everyone associated with Penn State has had to bear the mark of shame placed upon the institution by the NCAA. It was grievously wrong action, precipitated by panic rather than a thoughtful and careful examination of the facts.

Fortunately through the tenacious efforts of Senator Jake Corman and Treasure Rob McCord, a large measure of the wrong has been righted. This is a major victory in our continued pursuit of justice for Penn State. The victims deserve the truth, as do those who have been smeared by the deeply flawed Freeh report, which served as the basis of the actions by the Board of Trustees and Penn State.
Through our pending litigation, we intend to continue the job of uncovering the full truth in this case. 

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  1. Does "uncovering the full truth in this case" include the full truth of what Mike McQueary experienced that night in the locker room? And the full truth of what he said to each person about this experience? And how what he said CHANGED from time to time, perhaps person to person?

    Mike McQueary is singularly responsible for the Jerry Sandusky Case becoming the Penn State Scandal. I don't see how any uncovering that does not reveal the facts around Mike McQueary could be considered satisfactory to what Joe Paterno requested at the end.