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New Monitor, Same Snow Job (Letter to Editor, CDT)

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Letter to the editor: Spin from Old Main dizzying
June 6, 2015

Penn State’s new athletics integrity monitor, Charles Scheeler, put his stamp of approval on Old Main’s self-assessment of its progress in improving the university.
The AIA’s report is like the Freeh report in that it draws predetermined conclusions with little supporting evidence.
On Page 10, it concludes that the increased number of secondary violations reported was due to the increase in the number of compliance staff. It also reports increasing questions about rules interpretation. However, it is more likely that the increases are due to the NCAA revising its violation structure from two tiers to four in August 2013.
No statistics were provided about the increase/trend in violations.
On Pages 4 and 5, the report turns to feedback received from employees that revealed that many are concerned about retaliation if they report wrongdoing. Again, no statistics were provided to show the pervasiveness of the problem. Its only example of retaliation was drawn from the (highly dubious) 2000 janitor incident, and it makes no mention of Mike McQueary’s whistleblower lawsuit.
Finally, the university — Scheeler — reported that 35 youth protection reports were received in 2015, but doesn’t specify if they were to ChildLine, PSU’s youth compliance specialist, or to PSU’s ethics hotline.
It states the number has increased over last year, but is this a positive or negative development? Who knows?
This report is more PR spin for Old Main and a waste of university resources.

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