Sunday, June 14

The Lion Roars: PA Child Protective Services Are A Mess (Part 1)


Regular readers of this blog know that I take a particular interest in the child welfare issues that were exposed by the Jerry Sandusky Scandal which exploded in 2011. That is the fact that Pennsylvania has one of the worst systems around. Two cases of particular note that I have followed are that of Christopher Lee in Boalsburg and also of the late Jarrod Tutko Jr. in Dauphin County.
Jarrod Tutko Jr. was reported dead to police by his mother on 01 August 2014  . It was then discovered that he had been dead since at least 29 July 2014 inside the family home and as the press and others investigated many more issues were discovered. It was found that far from being surprising or caught off guard, the Tutko’s were on Dauphin CYS (and other PA and NJ agencies) radar for decades. These issues led to the convening of a Pennsylvania grand jury to investigate the circumstances surrounding Jarrod Jr.’s case. That report has now been released and the results are truly amazing.


  1. Ray, looks like the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pulled their online Editorial Board's misinformed opinion piece, "A Bridge Too Far". They should be ashamed of themselves for showing not only their lack of knowledge of the facts surrounding the fabricated PSU scandal, but also their inability to research their own articles that contradict their own headlines!

    We can only hope that the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Editorial Board has removed their piece because they knew it was in error. But if that were the case, wouldn't they publish an apology or at least an acknowledgement of the misinformation that formed their opinion?

    Good work in letting them know that this is about saving lives, the lives of children. Any institution that continues to push the lies that blame a deceased college football coach for the atrocious state of PA government child protective agencies, is enabling this neglect.

  2. Another terrible failure by CYS happened near Philadelphia in January, 2015, when uncaged pet ferrets chewed off parts of an infant's face. The family consisted of two mentally challenged parents and 5 special needs children age 5 or younger. Each of the 7 family members had a case worker. How could those case workers not have noticed 3 uncaged ferrets in the house?

    CYS officials should know that ferrets are a danger to infants after numerous ferret attacks on infants and young children, including a fatality in California and a 2011 Missouri attack where an infant had 7 fingers chewed off by a pet ferret. A 1987 article in the journal, Pediatrics, noted 33 ferret attacks on young children or infants in California alone.

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