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Corbett's Grand Jury Lie, Part 3

The Sandusky case was sent to a grand jury so that the investigation would die a slow, secret death

Ray Blehar

While the Moulton Report found no direct evidence that former Pennsylvania Attorney General (AG) and one-term Governor Tom Corbett influenced the Sandusky investigation, it absolutely concluded the investigation was slow walked.  

While the report may not have used those exact words, Special Deputy AG Geoffrey Moulton and AG Kathleen Kane instead used "inexplicable" and "inexcusable,' respectively,  to describe the delays in the investigation.

Kane was right.  The delays were "inexcusable."

Moulton was wrong.  The delays were not "inexplicable."

Kane's mistake not to clean house upon taking office resulted in the evidence that would have explained the delays being excluded from Moulton's report.  

That evidence would have shown that Frank "moral responsibility" Noonan's did his best to derail the initial investigation and that when it landed in Corbett's lap, the AG was going to let the Sandusky case die a slow, secret death inside the grand jury.

The Evidence
The following evidence of the investigator's failure to follow leads and conduct routine investigative work was known to Moulton's team but not included in the report.

Failure to Find Victim 9
During the first twenty months of the investigation,  the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and OAG were completely reliant upon Aaron Fisher (Victim 1), Dawn Daniels, and Central Mountain High School officials to generate leads.  

As the investigation languished, the AG and PSP failed to investigate the first lead about other victims ever provided by Fisher, who provided the first names of two young men who had highly unusual first names beginning with the letter "S."

Fisher provided that information at his initial interview on November 20, 2008.  

It is unclear whether or not Trooper Cavanaugh included that information in his police report that eventually made its way to the OAG.  However, it is obvious that Cavanaugh didn't attempt to find Victim 9, as that would have required contacting The Second Mile (TSM) to find out the child's last name.

TSM wasn't contacted about the investigation until January 2011. 

According to the Moulton Report, the investigation went cold in March 2010 and nothing happened until October.   Typically, when an investigation goes cold, it is common practice to go back to square one and review all of the existing evidence with the hopes of uncovering something that was missed.  

That didn't happen.

In fact, the investigators did not go back to Clinton County CYS until June 27, 2011.

The search warrant Sandusky's home was approved one week before the investigators visited Clinton County CYS.   On June 22nd, the investigators finally searched Sandusky's home.

According to the trial testimony of AG Agent Anthony Sassano, a list of the names of participants of The Second Mile was found in Sandusky's home.  Victim 9's name, his mother's first name, and his phone number was on the participant list. 

Despite investigators having that considerable evidence that could have led them to Victim 9, they never followed up.

In November 2011, the assistant principal of the boy's school called the hotline after the news of the Sandusky charges hit the papers.

As it turned out, Victim 9 was repeatedly abused while the investigation lagged.  

Failure to Find Victim 10
Along those same lines, one of the lists from Sandusky's PSU office generated the name of Victim 10.  His name was  marked with an asterisk, like some of the other victims who were presented as witnesses at the trial.  

Victim 10, who had a long criminal record,  was incarcerated in at State Correctional Institution - Albion, serving 22 months for robbery until July 2009.  He had a prior arrest in 2004 for burglary. 

Apparently, Noonan's crack team of cops and Corbett's AG investigators didn't think to check for arrest records of former participants of a charity for troubled and at-risk youth.   

Four of the eight witnesses/victims presented at Sandusky trial had arrest records prior to being identified by police.

Those records were not used to find them -- and those facts were excluded from the Moulton Report.

Inexplicable delays?  Certainly not.  

This was turning a blind eye to evidence and not conducting the most basic investigative work.

The Moulton Report revealed that NO investigative activity occurred for ten of the first twenty months of the investigation.  

The Sandusky investigation was put in the grand jury to die. 

And it almost did -- until Corbett decided to use the Sandusky investigation to take out former PSU President Graham Spanier.

Until the Spanier flap, Corbett was letting the clock run out on the investigation

Coming Soon:  Keystone Corruption & Corbett's Politically Motivated Prosecutions


  1. So sad that these little men's vendettas are still ruining people's lives and the reputation of a great university. Thanks, again, Ray. You do excellent work!

  2. "This was turning a blind eye to evidence and not conducting the most basic investigative work."

    I think that applies to both Corbett's Sandusky investigation as well as Moulton's report. The Moulton Report just ignored a lot of the damning evidence, including the porn emails.

    1. Tim,
      Thanks for your comment.

      You make a very good point that the porn emails should have been included since they were being viewed during the active investigation.

      For one reason or another, the scope of the Moulton investigation went from "no stone unturned" to a very narrowly focused investigation that began on November 20, 2008 and ended with the second set of charges against Sandusky on December 7 and his subsequent bail out on December 8, 2011.

      My best guess as to why this was done was because Kane was already under fire regarding the Ali case and decided to hold and play those cards later.

      Both sides played politics with the Sandusky case and both got burned. It will be interesting to see who will emerge victorious, but my advice is to NOT bet against Kane.

    2. Ray - I suspect that part of the reason that Moulton's report was so toothless was because of State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan's pushback. Noonan stated publicly that he wouldn't allow his officers to speak with Moulton. I wouldn't be surprised if he made private threats to withhold state police cooperation for other Attorney General cases.

      Too, Moulton had to be careful not to include details in the report that might aid Sandusky appeals or the defense of Curley, Schultz and Spanier.

      I believe Moulton saw plenty of evidence of police and prosecutor misconduct but he didn't want to get cast as a whistleblower, which would have hurt his own career.

  3. So I guess one logical question we should ask is, why didn't Geoff Moulton include in his report that Tom Corbett and Frank Noonan neglected to use arrest records to find and identify witnesses/victims? We can all see why Corbett and Noonan ignored the obvious. As you say Ray, they wanted the Sandusky case to die within their corrupt grand jury. So do we have no choice but to assume Geoff Moulton soft-shoed his report because he was "influenced" to do so? It does appear this PA Diocese, Second Mile, Sandusky, Arrow Ministries, Philadelphia, connection is growing as each new stone is found and turned over. And 'inexplicable' is a rather innocuous way to describe a very harmful lack of action to stop organized, institutional pedophilia.

    So was Kane's highly-touted investigator just another "Freeh", a gatekeeper of sorts? Louis Freeh seems to pop when big players are accused of child sex abuse. We now know he is anything but a child protection advocate. He is the opposite, a protector of the filthy, powerful abusers of our children. It makes me sick to think Louis Freeh was on the Board of Directors for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. God only knows how much abuse and murdering of children he helped to cover up. Just like he did in the Minot North Dakota child sex crimes investigation. And a letter from FBI agent, Jane Turner was sent to Rodney Erickson about Freeh's intentional botching of that investigation. She tried to warn President Erickson that Louis Freeh does not protect children from sex abuse. Rather, he protects the abusers. And Erickson hires Freeh anyway to find out who was part of the Sandusky's pedophile victim farm. I have to wonder if Kane was duped by Moulton and his 'inexplicable'. Yeah, inexplicable means a mystery. Just like D.A. Ray Gricar disappearing with no serious investigation on a national level--just a mystery. Nothing to see here folks, inexplicable, that's all, a mystery, forget about it.

    1. Truthseeker,
      Early in this post I mentioned that AG Kane made a mistake not to "clean house" when she took office. It appears at least one of the rotten apples of the AG's office was on Moulton's team and kept this information out of the report.

      This individual received other leads about child abuse related to the Sandusky case -- obtained vis-a-vis the Moulton investigation. It's clear that those leads were not investigated.