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The "scene of the crime" - a Mystery and a Reward


Wonder why we've never seen a picture, layout, diagram or model of the Lasch Locker room where Mike McQueary says he "saw a boy being subjected to anal intercourse"? It's hard to recall a circumstance where the visual media hasn't overwhelmed the public with pictures of crime scenes.

So is there some reason to have hidden the locker room from public view?

Why wouldn't the factFreeh Fiction contain a picture of the locker room area to confirm the McQueary account?

The media evidently was invited to view the exhibits following the Sandusky trial but they were not allowed to be copied. We now have the transcripts and know that Mike McQueary was shown pictures during his testimony but not one media source bothered to give us a picture of the crime scene with the lone exception of this dark fuzzy image of the interior of a shower room. Why would the court refuse to have copies of pictures of the locker room area available for the media?

This photograph was posted in a video by MSN and it turns out to not be from the right locker room
the showers in the McQueary locker room are much smaller 

One news story informs us about planned renovations to erase the scene of the crime 
It was the site of one of the most graphic instances of sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky, according to the testimony of former Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary. And a university spokesman told The Associated Press Friday that renovation plans are in place for the Lasch Football Building, including remodeling the shower and locker room area. It was in the Lasch Building shower where McQueary said he witnessed Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in 2001 when McQueary came to the locker room late one February evening. McQueary testified against Sandusky during the former Penn State defensive coordinator’s criminal trial, which resulted in Sandusky being convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse. The ’01 incident also featured prominently in the report on the university and the Sandusky case that was released by former FBI director Louis Freeh Thursday. David La Torre, the university spokesman, told The AP that the renovation plans were conceived shortly after Sandusky’s arrest in November, but that the project cannot begin until all legal proceedings in the case are complete. Numerous civil suits are expected to be filed against the university and Sandusky, and there is the possibility of additional criminal charges, which suggests that the renovations might be on hold for a while.
And this Deadspin article asks the same question we are asking here.

Why We Don’t Have Any Photos Of The Showers At Penn State

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.—Once the promised spectacle of Jerry Sandusky's scheduled hearing had fallen apart on Tuesday, what was there to do around State College, Pa., but try to get a look at the Nittany Lions' shower room? Dom and I wanted to photograph the scene of the most appallingly detailed of the alleged crimes, in the Lasch Football Building. The plumbing. The lockers. The layout—the building reportedly has "huge wood-paneled locker room that rivals any in the NFL."

This story goes on to tell the tale of two men who tried to get into the Lasch Building to take some photographs of this famous room
She returned with a slight, middle-aged man in a blazer and tie. He did not look like a friend of hers, or of ours. He marched straight toward us.
"Can I help you?"
I introduced myself and stuck out my hand. The man reluctantly took it. He told us his name was Jeff Nelson and that we could only look around the lobby. "The rest of the building is closed to the public," he said. Except for those tours, presumably. That was it. He showed us his back and walked away.
Jeff Nelson is not a tour guide; he's the assistant athletic director at Penn State and the media relations contact for PSU sports. Reporters who cover Penn State consider him difficult. He doesn't get back to people promptly. He makes it tough to interview players. He is not a forthcoming man.
The week that the Sandusky scandal broke, Nelson told the media that Joe Paterno wouldn't address the situation at his regularly scheduled press conference. When the national press descended on Happy Valley, Nelson read them a triple-spaced say-nothing note announcing that Paterno's press conference had been canceled. He answered no questions, showed everyone his back, and walked away. He was Penn State.
At this point we are asking for the assistance of anyone who reads this website. Have you ever seen the locker room described as the "scene of the crime"?  Do you know anyone who has? Can anyone give us a reasonable description of the room?

This section of transcript during the Janitor's friends testimony gives us a description:

But this is about the best we have. 

So what is it that is being hidden?
Is it possible that the McQueary story is so full of holes a picture of the locker room  would destroy his testimony?  Surely there is someone out there with a friend or acquaintance who can get us pictures of that room? 

$200 for photographs that show 
1) the locker area - bonus for Mike McQueary's locker 
2) the area described above with the toilet stalls and urinals on the right. The sinks with mirrors on one wall and the entrance to the shower area on the left.
3) An official floor plan from the architect or contractor that shows the room in building plans 

$500 for photographs that prove that McQueary's testimony is impossible
Contact aurabass@yahoo.com 


We need to see the area in such a way as to determine if a view from Mike McQueary's locker affords a reflected angle into the shower room and where McQueary would have to move to see directly into the showers. 

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