Friday, October 26

A Humble Buckeye - and the Sandusky Scandal

Here on tOSU weekend is a post by the HumbleBuckeye from Black Shoe Diaries –

a favorite of my from back in the days when I frequented that site for some great

discussions about the Sandusky Scandal. I miss some of those people a great deal 

since I’m no longer allowed to post there. Here’s one example of a civilized outsider 

appropriate to this weekend.  


Why I cheer for PSUevery week... except this week

When "it" came out, I remained objective because, well, thats just how I like to be. I also had the first hand experience of seeing my team and beloved coach dragged through the mud long before any facts had actually been established. I know the feeling of wanting to punch one's self in the dick repeatedly as ass-clowns on talk radio repeat ad nauseam things that were not true or only half true.
But it was so much worse for Penn State. The entire university was being constantly attacked. I'm not sure how long it was until the narrative became "football culture", but that's when I'd had enough.
I went to Penn State last year for the Alabama game. I went for the game, but also to check out the b-school. The people I met - even at bars and tailgates - were much more interested in selling me on Penn State's b-school and overall academics than they were in talking football. I came in with the perception that Penn State was a football school. I left knowing that it was quite the opposite: it was an academic school that just happened to have a big stadium and a decent team.
For the most part, I feel Penn Staters love the football team because they love the University and not the other way around.   Read on at Black Shoe Diaries 

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