Friday, October 12

Rant Kingdom

If you like a clear concise and stinging critique of the whole Freeh BoT NCAA Linda Kelly/Tom Corbett Second Mile MISTAKE then RANT KINGDOM is a great place to visit.

We are adding Rant Kingdom as a featured link here on SMSS for it's concise quality as opposed to quantity. Give the Rant Kingdom a visit - it's worth the time. 

a sample by the way of the rantking's Rules of Engagement. 

Rules of Engagement

1. My blog, my rules.
2. I don't mind a heated debate...I'm Irish. However, I have zero tolerance for personal attacks...on anyone...or random outbursts under the guise of passion for a cause.
3. I actually don't mind if someone proves me wrong. The operative word being "proves." I would rather not travel down the wrong path for any great length of time.
4. I aways try to be clear on issues of fact vs. opinion.
5. I ask a lot of questions that people don't seem to be willing or able to answer.
6. I am an advocate of due process and free speech.
7. I'm not fond of anonymity in an open exchange of points...but, I get it.

Obviously, this is intended for posts that are directed towards controversial issues.
- I can always wax on philosophically about almost anything.
- I may submit the occasional cartoon or photo for your amusement.

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