Monday, September 23

ACTION: Certified Letter Campaign to PSU President Rodney Erickson

The first action in our continuous March4Truth is a certified letter campaign to PSU President Rodney Erickson asking for his resignation and the resignations of the 11-9-11 Board of Trustees.

It is extremely IMPORTANT to:
1. Send the letter via certified mail.
2. Request the return receipt service.

Instructions of sending a certified letter are here (video) and/or here (written instructions).

Taking these steps ensures that the letters will not simply be thrown in the trash, but at least some degree of handling has to take place.  

A sample letter is below.  


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President’s Office
The Pennsylvania State University
201 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802

Dear President Erickson,
I am writing you today to ask for your resignation as President of the Pennsylvania State University and for the resignations of the November 9, 2011 Board of Trustees members.

On November 9, 2011 the Board of Trustees removed then-President Graham Spanier and head football coach, Joseph V. Paterno from their positions with not so much as talking to either man about their knowledge or actions in the Sandusky case.  The Board simply accepted many of the now disproven allegations written in the November 2011 Grand Jury Presentment as facts and essentially put PSU in the position of being viewed as guilty in the eyes of the public.  This action caused irreparable damage to the University’s reputation, as well as great financial harm.  In short, the Board breached its fiduciary responsibilities with it actions.

In April 2012, the BOT made an official statement that Spanier and Paterno were relieved from their duties for a failure of leadership.

On July 12, 2012 when the Freeh Report was released,  Board member Kenneth Frazier said:

Today’s comprehensive report is sad and sobering in that it concludes that at the moment of truth, people in positions of authority and responsibility did not put the welfare of children first.  The Board of Trustees, as the group that has paramount accountability for overseeing and ensuring the proper functioning and governance of the University, accepts full responsibility for the failures that occurred.

The statement above, made by Kenneth Frazier, was the antithesis of leadership.  The BOT accepted responsibility but they did not take accountability.  In other words, they were not then, nor have they ever been answerable for their actions that did so much damage to Penn State.

It is time for the Board to be called to account and answer for their actions.  And the only answer is to step aside – resign – and let competent individuals take over.


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Let's SHOW Erickson and the BOT that we aren't going away and we will MAKE AN IMPACT.


  1. Is there a time frame in which to get these letters to Erickson? Should we send a copy to the BoT as well? If so, to whom? And to what address?

    Fodder: Ziegler's effort to get an answer from Erickson to a straightforward question about his feeling pressured into the Consent Decree.

    My favorite: Frazier's remarks about "so-called due process" and him not "caring if they ARE found innocent".

  2. Do it within the next couple weeks. Then we'll have another.

  3. ". . . I also urge you, as Penn Staters, to be patient, to avoid speculation, and to refrain from passing judgment until the facts are known . . .always remember that your actions reflect on the entire Penn State community"

    Rodney Erickson, 11/10/11

    This statement, as I communicated to then Interim President Erickson, set the clear tone of hypocrisy which has since characterized his and the 10/11 BOT's actions. Thanks for the reminder that Penn Staters have the responsibility to demand of its governance actions that show integrity rather than hypocrisy.

  4. We must use the reinstatement of UVA's president Teresa Sullivan as an example of what an enlightened BoT can and should do in the event that evidence shows termination was unjust. The problem or difference here, as compared to Virginia, is, Pennsylvania has such a pervasive culture of corruption in its political offices that it severely hinders actually doing the right thing when moral breeches of conduct have been committed against innocent people.
    The entire reason for the "PSU" scandal was one rooted in a paid-for and intentional misplacing of blame. The PA government office of the Attorney General essentially allowing a pedophile to remain free to harm and create the "PSU" scandal. I believe knowledge of Sandusky's crimes by PA law enforcement(Att. Gen. office), far precedes the false date of awareness, 2009. Tom Corbett was in as Attorney General in 1995 with Sandusky complaints then. He passes them to Ray Gricar in 1997. Gricar can't or won't do anything with the pedophile case for years on end. Corbett comes back in as Att. Gen. in 2004, and Gricar vanishes in 2005! Governor Corbett is falsely trying to imply that his earliest knowledge or responsibility to arrest Sandusky began in 2009! How can any thinking person not see the obvious deception here?

    1. John Z provides an indepth review of missed opportunities for facts of the Sandusky story to be more widely known. He includes links to evidence that many of us may have forgotten or missed entirely:

  5. The certified letter idea is fantastic, but how about a more public type of effort made to expose the real criminals in that have caused or created the "PSU" scandal? My suggestion would be to find out from a lawyer, how to go about making, or at least attempting, a citizens arrest of Louis Freeh and Tom Corbett. The charges would be obstruction of justice, and specifically to Tom Corbett, child endangerment. Corbett put money in his pocket over the safety of children. He knowingly ignored pedophile complaints against Sandusky since, at least 1995, beginning his first term as PA Attorney General. This, then put everyone in harm's way at PSU and essentially created the "PSU" scandal. And Louis Freeh's attempt to cover it up with lies in his report is obstruction of justice in a very serious matter.

    Certainly, it wouldn't be possible to actually take Corbett and Freeh into custody, but it might be a showy, but legal, and effective way, to expose these two criminals for their crimes against innocent people. As JZ knows all too well though, what media entity would cover the attempted arrest?

    1. You can file a private criminal complaint against anybody, but remember that a recklessly false accusation of a crime is libel or slander.

      Spanier is suing Freeh for defamation, which is a good start. When the problems with his work are exposed in court, and the newspapers, nobody will hire him to investigate so much as a parking ticket.

    2. Isn't it interesting how the ex-director of the FBI can make "recklessly false accusations of a crime" towards innocent citizens with impunity. Freeh is a loose cannon that seems to have no conscience at all. As with Richard Jewel, Freeh just selects a convenient innocent from the crowd and makes them a stand-in for the real criminals. How is this possible, or even allowed to continue in America? It's so illogical and evil, that it borders on the surreal.

  6. I'll send mine Friday morning.

  7. I suggest writing to the Legislature (Senator Yudichak and Rep. Conklin), and copying the BOT by certified mail.