Wednesday, September 18

Ray Blehar on Kevin Slaten Discussing Evidence Used for NCAA Sanctions

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I start at 31:50

Topics Covered:
Former DOJ officials says sharing of evidence between OAG and Freeh may have violated grand jury secrecy rules and could result in contempt of court charges against prosecutors.

Discusses flow of the Schultz file from OAG to Freeh in May 2012.

Discusses flow of the emails from OAG to Freeh and that Freeh didn't find anything in his investigation.

The short "expiration date" of the Freeh Report.

Sandusky appeal won't be decided for 6-7 months.

NCAA's evidence was obtained through a criminal proceeding, not by Freeh or their own investigation.  Just like Miami (Fla) case.

The arguments on standing in the NCAA lawsuit filed by the Paterno.

The janitor case and how the hearsay testimony should not have been admitted.

Pending Federal and AG investigations.


  1. So Oct 29th is a big date. If the ruling that day is that the Paterno et al. lawsuit against the NCAA can proceed, then we have Discovery to look forward to (when defendants and others are deposed under oath, I believe).

    How long may it be, then, between a ruling to proceed and the actual depositions being taken? And are these statements held secret? If so, until when?

    Congrats on your continuing successes and BEST WISHES for a big and effective march tomorrow!

    1. I think Kevin jumped the gun on the ruling issue and I didn't correct him. The judge will hear arguments that day, but I don't think he's expected to rule.

  2. Dear Ray, John, Eileen& Franco,

    Safe Travels to Happy Valley.

    In the Words of JVP @ the Wall .....You ALL have made Penn State

    & Happy Valley


    You are ALL Great Ameliorators!


    Chuck O'Connor

  3. I am upset. I want to be at State tomorrow for March. I may be in client meet in NJ for hours and not able to get there in time. We should have a "support" page. Where is PS4RS on this? Is there a support page, somewhere. Ray, Slaten show(s) were great.


      I too wish I could attend. My sign would read "Bemidji, MN for Academic Integrity! PSU BoT Where's YOURS???"

      Hey, how about a spot on the website where we can post our signs?!