Friday, September 6

Photo Update: MARCH FOR TRUTH, Friday, Sept 20, 3:30PM at Penn Stater

'March For Truth' has one purpose: to show the Penn State Board of Trustees that PSU alumni, students, and fans are not moving forward until the truth is known.

March For Truth organizers include Eileen Morgan & Ray Blehar. 
They have the full support of the following, who will be in attendance:

Franco Harris
Spencer Niles

More to be added...

We are officially organizing a March For Truth to be held during the next Board of Trustees meeting.
When: Friday, September 20, 2013
Where: The Penn Stater Hotel
Time: 3:30pm

This will be a peaceful protest. We recommend making signs with any of the following slogans:

- Reform DPW
- Reject the Freeh Report.
- Reject the NCAA Sanctions.

- Restore the statue.
- Rebuild the wall.

- Resign and Restructure the BoT.
- Remove Dave Joyner as AD.
- Remove Rodney Erickson as President.

We need thousands to attend to make an impact. Please attend and show the Board we are NOT a vocal minority. 

Make your voice be heard. 

Do this for PA's children.

Do this for the TRUTH!

Do this because Joe only wanted the TRUTH to be known.


  1. "Bemidji, MN marches for Academic Integrity!

    PSU BoT, where's YOURS???"

    Hey, maybe some Kent Staters will march in solidarity. Their school has certainly known injustice.

    1. Interesting thought on Kent State. Actually, kind of eerie.

    2. I'll be there, and the last time I protested was as a senior at PSU following Kent State. Very eerie. Classes were cancelled 3 weeks early at PSU due the tragedy.

    3. Thanks, Cpilgrim.

      You are indeed a Lioness. :-)


  2. The Wilsons will be there rain or shine. THANK YOU Ray and Eileen!

    1. Thanks for your support! Bring your friends and neighbors.

  3. After reading an article by Gene Wojciechowski at ESPN about revisiting the NCAA sanctions, this march is still desperately needed. Wojciechowski actually wrote this completely ridiculous paragraph:

    "In short -- and the Paterno family, which has brought legal action against the NCAA, is going to hate hearing this -- Penn State is and will be a better place because of the Freeh Report. Isn't that more important than Joe Paterno's brand?"

    It is this type of widespread nonsense that continues to fuel my desire for the real truth to be known.

    1. Penn State IS STILL doing a outstanding job educating students. My daughter graduated Penn State last year and is attending grad school. She has told us that Penn State has provided a well rounded curriculum that has prepared her much better than the students from other schools.

      For the record--this comes from a student who did not know who Joe Paterno was in her freshman year.

    2. You don't think it has anything to do with Gene a graduate of Univ Tennessee, having lost the last 3 out of 5 against PennState in bowl games. Na

      Everyone has an agenda

  4. How about this incredible and total lack of critical review coming from a high-profile academic, Gary A. Olson (full article at link below). It's one thing for politicians, CEOs, and the media to perpetuate falsehoods; but when academics are contributing to the inaccuracies, it drives me crazy.

    "While I believe most people would agree that it is unfair to punish someone for something he or she is not guilty of, that is not what has happened in the Penn State case. As the Freeh report makes clear, the real problem at the university was an institutional culture that had become corrupt or perverted. The college had lost its moral compass."

    Universities Are People, Too

    By Gary A Olson (

    Sep 08, 2013

  5. Ziegler's posted the sad story of a backlash against Todd Blackledge*. Apparently he underestimated the extent that people were beginning to question the story of the "Penn State Scandal".

    *Recent Events:
    Todd Blackledge Is Reminded Why He Hasn't Been More Outspoken on This

    Perhaps this march will be large enough to get people thinking.

  6. I will be there in spirit. My health does not permit me to march. I hope there is a huge turn out so that the Board members who fired Paterno, Erickson, and Joyner can move forward to other positions in someplace other than Penn State.

  7. Ray

    I wish to engage in a dialog with you re Shower 2001. If you are interested, I will supply my email address.