Tuesday, December 10

A PSU Freshman Writes of the Spirit of Joe Paterno

The Return of Ol' Joe Pa

Brandon Ty Benner

Twas the week before finals, and all through U. Park,

Not a freshman was joyful, not even Moon Park.
We wanted to hang ourselves by nooses with care
In fear of the finals that soon would be there.

With my roommate at his books, and me taking a nap,
We all hunkered down for the great finals trap
When out on the quad, there arose such a clatter,
I went out from old Hastings to see what was the matter.

Who was it that cried, "Get up off your asses!" 
But a little Italian man with a pair of thick glasses.
He was dressed all in blue with cuffs of white fringe,
And his pant legs rolled up to gather of dirt, not a twinge.

"Time to get in gear," he said with conviction.
I felt in my heart some courage from his diction.
"Believe in your heart you are destined for great things!"
He shouted with pride like the song-bird sings.

Twas none but ol' JoePa, and I couldn't believe
The great miracle right there that Penn State received.
"Don't worry, old pal, I never was dead,
I just went on to be the next Santa Claus," he said.

He gave me a wink and went 'round East Halls
Shouting encouragement for finals to all
"Just wanted to come early to make you feel better!
Now get out there and be great! Now be a go-getter!"

He went down to Old Main, and we followed him there,
Shouting "WE ARE" to hear "PENN STATE" in the air.
"Don't worry too much, you guys'll do fine,"
He said to us all as the old bells chimed.

"When you're taking your finals, just think to yourself,
ol' JoePa is with you, that little Italian elf!"
And away he arose, and as he flew out of sight,
he shouted, "Best finals luck to all, and to all a good night!"

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