Monday, December 23

Breakdown of Original Footage of the Immaculate Reception (41st Anniversary)

 And I'll throw in what happened after the catch because that's fun too.

Ray Blehar

As the play gets underway, Franco stays in to "block" on the play.

With no one to block, Franco turns to see two Raiders bearing down on Quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

Instinct takes over and Franco released to become a receiver.

The "Collision" between Tatum and Fuqua.  Physics experts confirm that the trajectory of the ball resulted from it hitting Tatum, who had forward momentum.

 Ball leaves the frame and then Franco re-enters the frame carrying the football (below).

Click here for NBC original footage.

Happy 41st Anniversary -- Immaculate Reception!


  1. As a lifelong diehard Oakland Raiders fan (who always wore black and silver sparkly undergarments on every gameday, used to say "If I could have a 2nd Daddy, I'd want him to be George Blanda", still carries a black Raiders poncho in her backpack, and still has a 1970s-era official NFL Raiders jacket), I never thought I would someday root for Franco Harris and his team. The Steelers broke my heart and left me crying year after year.

    I guess I've grown through the pain, though. Now I can truly say "Best wishes, Franco! Thanks for the memories, and may you and yours continue finding success and peace. You all ARE!!"


  2. RE: the last frame. Franco's just acting like he expected to get there....just like Joe taught him.

  3. Navarro Bowman quoted Ray after the MNF game...."good things happen when you move to the football". A very similar play to Franco's.

    1. That's a "quote" from Joe. Sometimes it was shortened to "run to the ball."