Thursday, December 19

Baldwin Highlights of Grand Jury Testimony from Twitter

By Ray Blehar, Jimmy W, and No.1 Lion 99

Bold Black indicates erroneous or contradicted statement of Baldwin's.  There are many.
Red type indicates important statements from Frank Fina.

The biggest news to come out of the proceeding was that Sandusky was accused of a sexual abuse  in 1984.  The OAG didn't find any police record of it.  To date, few media outlets have done little more than make mention of it.

A full summary of the proceeding will appear in this space soon.

  1. RT Baldwin GJT, P14, L12,13: Baldwin says Spanier told her to go to GJ with him during Jan 2011 mtg. Spanier was not subpoenaed at the time.
  2. RT BaldwinGJT: P13, L11,12: Baldwin stated that RETIRED Gary Schultz was "on vacation" when she received the subpoena for his GJ appearance
  3. CB said gathering of info back to 1997 was taking time, but would have it in 2 days. Corro tasked in March. S1179 was issued 12/11?
  4. Corro produced 3 USBs for CB. CB said one USB 2b provided on 4/15. Possible one was provided on 4/13/11 of just Spanier's e-mails.
  5. If e-mails were due Jan 10 & CB didn't file motion to quash, where was GJ Contempt motion? Something fishy here?
  6. Sassano trial testimony: "And Penn State...was not very quick in getting us our information." Ref. Sub. 191 for names of janitors.
  7. Spanier met with OAG on 3/22/11, before his 4/13/11 GJ testimony. When did Baldwin have her dress rehearsal?


  1. What's remarkable to me is that Baldwin was Chair of PSU BoT until becoming PSU General Counsel. And she held that position from, I believe, Jan 2010 to summer 2012.

    This is entirely too convenient timing. To think her positions, and the privileged access they gave her to info, were not intentionally related to the Sandusky case is not possible for me.

  2. What struck me was how Judge Feudale was so friendly with Baldwin that he addressed her as Cindy in a formal proceedings. That seemed inappropriate.

    Then after he asked Cindy whom she was there to represent he did nothing when Cindy answered solely to represent Penn State.

    Feudale should have informed Spanier that he would have to reschedule after he found a lawyer to represent him and informed Cindy that she could not attend the grand jury hearing just as a representative of Penn State.