Monday, October 19

The New Trial for Jerry "Hail Mary"

 Attorney Al Lindsay struggled to convince the court that the AG-Freeh collaboration had any impact on the verdict, but at least he was right about investigating grand jury leaks. 

Ray Blehar
October 19, 2020, 11:15 AM, EST

The latest attempt to win a new trial for Jerry Sandusky was another Hail Mary pass.

During oral arguments on October 14th, Sandusky's attorney, Al Lindsay, raised several issues, some old and some new, as to why his client didn't receive a fair, but he failed to provide any real argument as to how the new evidence could have changed the outcome of the trial.

For example, Lindsay argued that the diary of Kathleen McChesney confirmed that there was collaboration between the Freeh Group (FG) and the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General (PA OG) during the investigation.   

He also argued that newly discovered evidence showed that the FG had interviewed one of the Sandusky trial jurors.  

While Lindsay is correct that these things happened, he couldn't explain how any of them would have impacted outcome of the trial and instead fell back on the previously failed argument of a rushed trial.