Wednesday, November 10

10 Years Later: Unfinished Business of Sandusky Scandal

Freeh should have to pay back over $8.5 M plus damages to the University

In my last post, I discussed the long overdue action of naming the football field as Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium as a means of honoring legendary coach Joseph V. Paterno.

But that isn't the only unfinished business of the Sandusky Scandal.

Numerous actions should take place in order to right the wrongs and hold people accountable for their dishonesty.    While the list of villains of this scandal is long, there are some who can be realistically held accountable for their wrongdoing.  Unfortunately, there are others who will walk away from the scandal without getting the punishment they deserve.

First, let's focus on those who can realistically be held accountable -- and former FBI Director Louis Freeh is at the top on the list.