Saturday, May 29

Dishonest Shapiro Continues Cover Up Lie

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro continues to repeat the lie of Tom Corbett, Linda Kelly, Louis Freeh, and numerous media know nothings that former PSU President Graham Spanier covered up the child abuse crimes of Jerry Sandusky.

Shapiro's tweet, above, contains false and defamatory statements because Shapiro knows that that not a single witness or document presented at Spanier's trial alleged that the former PSU President was ever informed of child abuse.

1.  Spanier did not "turn a blind eye to child abuse."

Gary Schultz and Tim Curley testified that they told Spanier it was horseplay.

The key witness, Mike McQueary, never spoke to Spanier.

No emails or notes (from 1998 and/or 2001) show that Spanier was ever informed of child abuse. 

2.  Spanier did not "cover up Jerry Sandusky's abuse."

Aside from never being informed of "abuse," there is no evidence of a cover-up.  

If this were an actual cover up, the eyewitness would have been sworn to silence (and possibly paid off),  there would have been no emails or notes to find, and the University's lawyer would not have been looped in.   

Instead, Spanier and others communicated openly about the incident on email, Schultz kept notes about the meetings, the University General Counsel reviewed the incident, the incident was reported to The Second Mile, and the eye-witness, Mike McQueary, was not told to keep quiet.  

There was no cover-up -- at least not by Spanier, Curley, Schultz, and Paterno.

And, by the way, what would the motive be to cover-up the crimes of a person who is no longer an employee, coach, or otherwise has no real involvement with the University?