Friday, August 16

Franco Harris: Thank you -- This Journey Has Brought Us Together

This Journey Has Brought Us Together…
The journey is difficult, immense, at times almost
impossible, yet that will not deter us from attempting
it…We have joined the caravan, you might say, at a
certain point; we will travel as far as we can, but we
cannot in one lifetime see all that we would like to
see, or to learn all that we hunger to know.
Loren Eiseley

A huge thank you is due to all of the people who have
given of their time, talents and support efforts as we
stand up for Penn State and Joe Paterno. This is not
about any one person or one organization or how
much time one can give. This is about us coming
together, because this is what makes us stronger and
more effective.
We have grown closer to each other through this
experience. We have and will continue to support
and encourage each other; no matter the level of your
involvement, we need you. Together we have
learned, have grown and have gotten something out
of our journey. Once again, thanks to each and every
one of you.
A lot of people do not understand our commitment to
Penn State nor our motivation to seek the truth for
Joe Paterno. They do not understand that “this is
who we are.” Our love and our belief in Penn State
and Joe has brought us together and because of this,
no matter what happens, Penn State will be bigger
and better than we ever imagined.

Love ever gives—
Forgives – outlives—
And ever stands
With open hands
And while it lives,
It gives.For this is love’s pregrogative—
To give—and give—and give.
John Oxenham

This would not get done if not for your love.


  1. When compared to the media and people of his stature, Franco is a true hero. His commitment for the truth and his willingness to openly defend what he knows is right, far exceeds anything that he has done on the football field.

    The people of Pennsylvania should be ashamed for how they have treated him. They can only hope that their sons and daughters grow up to have the guts and courage that he has exhibited.

  2. Frank, agreed. I have had the privilege of being in his company a few times. He's a guy you would gladly get in a fox hole with.

  3. Many former NFL players move on. Some become commentators, coaches, and some are never heard from again. Franco has reached to a higher level. Never afraid to take a stand for what he believes in. He has been berated and vilified. But, never has he stepped back. I watched him on the field in our early days, as a Steeler, and as a man of integraty. He has shown what he truly it made of. PSU alumni are forever grateful!