Sunday, August 4

Preliminary Hearing Transcript Highlights (from Twitter)

Here is a recap of some of the more interesting information I tweeted when reading the preliminary hearing transcripts.    I will provide more in-depth analysis as time permits -- because there are other parts of Mike's testimony that were inconsistent with his previous testimony.

PSU COMPLIED WITH SUBPOENA FOR E-MAIL....Where is the obstruction?

  1. pg80/Day 1/Corro: 1st asked to retrieve e-mail in April 2011 - subpoena 1179 was issued in Oct 2010 req e-mail/docs.

Note:  Baldwin asked for these e-mails in advance of Spanier's grand jury testimony.


  1. Pg. 32/Sassano states firm of Duane Morris went through Schultz's files - provided billing record of WC after November 2011
  1. Pg 77/Day 1/Belcher: "He (Fina) did not believe I was telling the truth." "He was looking for me to say that" Schultz told me to take file
  2. pg 77/Day 1/Belcher: Schultz rtned to work in Sept 2011 & never mentioned Sandusky investigation. Belcher unaware of any subpoenas

  1. Coble didn't know when file originated. That's the story. Also didn't know purpose of mtgs she scheduled for Gary.
  2. Pg. 66 Day 1 Belcher: FREEH BUSTED! Belcher and Schultz provided files to OAG in April. No "skill and luck" by Freeh group.
  3. Yes. It was a weak line up on Monday. No one above the Mendoza line....except McQ - whose lies were on steroids.

  1. Pg. 27 Day 1 Coble: Master list named every file in the bottom drawer. List distributed to entire staff. Some secret!
  2. Pg. 24/25 Day 1 Coble: Sandusky still active coach when Schultz told her about file. Can't recall when. Maybe 5 years b4 JS retired?


    1. Pg 144/Day 1/Harmon: Tho he can't remember riot and HUB takeover says he would have remembered the 2001 shower incident - if told
  2. Pg 143/Day 1/Harmon: No recollection of Schultz asking for the 1998 police file or of him providing it to Schultz. ?
  3. Harmon on riot/HUB takeover: "Again, I would have to have something to refresh my recollection on that." Recalls JS shower, but not riot.
  4. Pg 123/Day 1/Harmon: States Schultz should have recalled 1998 incident but Harmon can't recall a riot and take over the HUB ?
  1. Pg 116/Day 1/Harmon: Schultz note (previously unseen by public) correctly states DPW involved due to Second Mile providing youth services.
  2. Pg 116/Day 1/Harmon: Schultz note (previously unseen by public) says psychologist provided report to DPW. Confirms J. Lauro is a liar.
  3. Page 80/Day 1/Harmon > Although regional office for DPW is in Cresson, PA, a regional program representative from HARRISBURG to investigate
Note:  I suspected something was not quite right with "high profile" program representative Jerry Lauro's involvement in the case.  Perhaps we should call him Jerry "the fixer" Lauro -- as he was sent in to "fix" the Sandusky problem.

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  1. Something that could get through to someone in the MSM: publication/ link to transcripts of ALL testimonies taken under oath; side-by-side illustration of conflicting testimonies; and clear, concise analysis and suggestions or indications based on ALL the sworn testimony to date.

    Eileen Morgan has a gift for this type of presentation. She may not have the time, though.

    Recall the law professor recently quoted by USA Today in their article on McQueary? He bemoaned that GJ transcripts weren't available, so we couldn't yet assess who is perjuring themselves.