Wednesday, August 28

Updates: PSU Reporting, Fencing Update, Eileen Morgan

PSU Ethics HOTLINE 800-560-1637
Call to Report BOT Conflicts of Interest

New Rules at Stalingrad, er, PSU
PSU has plastered a flyer/poster highlighting the policies that will be in effect and how to report any dissident, er, noncompliant behavior.  Amazingly, PSU included reporting conflicts of interests as one of the things to report, but conveniently made no reference to the policy covering its Board of Trustees.  Bottom line:  To report an ethical conflict call here:  800-560-1637 or lodge complaint here

Fired Fencing Coach Letters of Support
PSU axed legendary fencing coach Emik Kaidanov for violating Policy AD67 Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct and Protection From Retaliation.  The firing stemmed from his questioning of a subordinate's actions in reporting one of his athletes of suspected use of illicit drugs.  The athlete was tested and cleared.

Sandusky vs. Sandusky
Eileen Morgan writes what's wrong about the Matt Sandusky settlement and that the TRUTH should still matter.  PSU should not pay settlements for crimes in which they bear no responsibility.


  1. Let see if I understand this, we know have a hotline where you can voice your suspicions about athletes...doesn't matter if they are unfounded or not...hmmmmm nice I wonder if that works for the AD as well?

  2. In psychological terms, this is known as paranoid behavior. Look for a suspicious plot behind every action. It is a typical knee-jerk response when something bad gets a lot of publicity. I work for a state agency (not Pa) that has responded to bad publicity in a similar manner: you are guilty until proven innocent, even in the presence of totally inane and ridiculous claims. People get put out on administrative leave and an investigation ensues in some cases of total false claims that could not have ever happened. Lawyers and corporations have taken over and crush individual rights. This has to stop. Are there true victims in some cases,yes,but not everyone is a victim or a person with honest motivation.