Monday, December 9

Response to Senator Mitchell's Report 5 on PSU's Progress

After reading the account of Mitchell's report on OnwardState, I sent of a quick e-mail to the Senator to give him a dose of truth and a glimpse into the future.

Dear Senator Mitchell,  

Much like the FALSE allegations of integrity issues with Penn State athletics, there is no rift between students and alumni.

The four students who were sent out to the March4Truth protest on behalf of the PSU BOT have shown their true colors and have refused to engage the alumni.   As an alumnus who reached out to the students to debate the issues, I found that the four students who came to the rally were simply voicing a set of opinions that were not reflective of the student body.

Moreover, the student's characterization as the alumni as a vocal minority (words first used by PSU BOT member, Keith Eckel) is simply false based on the May 2012 Penn State Alumni Opinion Survey.  The survey results revealed that 89% of alumni believed at least some of the decisions of the BOT were wrong, while 58% believed most to ALL were wrong.   It is notable that nearly an identical percentage of alumni (59%) followed the news of the scandal very closely, meaning that the alumni opinions were well informed.

The PSU alumni are upset about a great many decisions that emanated from the factually challenged and now totally discredited Freeh Report.  Specifically, that there was no evidence that Paterno covered up Sandusky's crimes, thus there was no integrity problem with the football program.  Next, the PSU officials facing charges have yet to get their day in court, thus any conclusions about the actions or inactions regarding the 2001 incident are pre-mature.  

And, finally, we resent the fact that you would collect money from PSU to monitor the PSU Athletic Department's progress on something that it undoubtedly had more of in its little finger than you do - integrity.

When all is said and done in this scandal, and the facts are revealed, PSU will sue the NCAA to recoup the money it forced us to waste by paying you for doing NOTHING.

Raymond M. Blehar

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  1. keep up the great work ray. got your back.

  2. Ray you are right on. You and John Ziegler take no prisoners. Mitchell should be ashamed of himself however, a typical politician always has hands in someone's pocket, they don't discriminate.

    Shameful this man once sat on the bench. People have to understand just because a jerk is elected to serve on the bench by popularity, by sitting on that bench and donning a black robe, you don't become a genius. Your simply a jerky judge.

  3. Denzel would be proud! (After reading his bio, via Wikipedia, I agree he'd play your role in all this well. I believe he would bring his own personal passion to the notpsu story because of his family's strong academic ties, his leadership in children's organizations, his deep faith and interest in getting the message out, and his record of intense portrayals of strong characters. I hope a screenplay is being developed, even as this convoluted story is still unwinding!)

  4. I was with you right up until the last two short paragraphs. Regardless of anyone's opinion, those two paragraphs take away from the rest of the letter.

    1. The last two para are fine.

      Unfortunately we have not been served by the those we send to the State & Federal government to represent us. Before long they become self-serving and at the service of the lobbyist who manage to fund them. They shame the office they hold.

      Time for term limits, serve 6 and go home. No hand outs from lobbyist. No more career office holders.

      Let's hope the Tea Party can come up with the right candidates who will be happy to serve "We the people".

      These self-serving office holders need to be called out on their behaviors. As Mark Levin would say, time to fight on.

      Your right on Ray

    2. Daniel,
      Mitchell knows he's fleecing PSU.

      Now he knows that we know it.


  5. Why would you disagree after all you agreed with sets the wheel in motion?

  6. Dear Ron,
    I agree with you George Mitchell should be ashamed of himself.

    Your statement “Shameful this man once sat on the bench. People have to understand just because a jerk is elected to serve on the bench by popularity, by sitting on that bench and donning a black robe, you don't become a genius. Your simply a jerky judge.”

    Makes no sense at all, He was Appointed By President Carter as US Attorney for 2 years and then a Federal Judge for 7 months early in his career, hardly any time to amass any ‘genius jerky-ness’

    Dear Ray,

    As your readers are aware the BoT wasted money buying the Great & Amazing Stature of George Mitchell & his Law firm. It seems to me that any 2nd or 3rd year Law student @ PSU could do what George Mitchell has done in counting the money and writing a report.

    Your Letter, especially the last 2 paragraphs when you “Call Out” George Mitchell is done in a a respectful way, I wish more people @ PSU (ie. Coaches, professors, administrators, opp workers & janitors ) had the Courage to do what you do and the Letter you wrote. I wish I Had the courage.
    Thank you.
    Having a Connection to George Mitchell, it reminds of the old Maine Expression
    about asking the old Farmer “ Hay, Farmer You lived here all your life?”
    2 answers “ Not Yet!” or “So far!”
    Before George MITCHELL came to PSU if they ask him:
    “Hey George have you had INTEGRITY all your life?”  “ Yes so far”
    Sadly Today his Answer “Nope Not yet, Not at all!”
    Chuck O'Connor
    PS I ‘m hoping he comes to his senses…….

    1. Thanks Charlie, yes I was aware John Mitchell was appointed to the bench (Wikipedia)
      I should not have reference his jurist as an example.

      What bothers me is he is pretty smart guy and when presented the opportunity to accept the position of PSU Athletic Integrity Monitor, a little investigative work by him may have caused him to ask himself, this University doesn't have a football problem. There is something wrong with this picture.

    2. Exactly, Ron. The fact that Mitchell is playing along with this charade certainly calls he and DLA Piper's integrity into question. When the truth comes out, DLA Piper should be investigated for their role in this fiasco.

    3. Chuck,
      Thanks for the kind words.

      I saw a video today about 365 Days in Happy Valley that reflects your thoughts. go to 2:06


  7. Write on Ray! You do it so well. Thanks for your integrity, your tenacity and your courage to speak truth to power.

  8. Your letter is spot on, Ray. Mitchell was bought and paid for by those pushing the narrative. There's a name for such people. The narrative pushed by the Board and published by the media has been totally debunked by anyone credible who has reviewed the reports and evidence. I posted a public message several months ago addressed to the media. I now extend that message to everyone:

    Pick a side, but use caution and facts to do so. Your place in history will be largely determined by which side you choose. Your choice will show how carefully you pay attention. The truth always has a way of rearing its ugly head. This time will be no different.

    Thank you Ray, for all your dedication and hard work.

  9. You know, a whore does it for free. What does that mke Mitchell?