Saturday, December 31

Media Frenzy

What if we got 100 or maybe up to 300 emails a day in the inboxes of 10 or 12 Media people identified in the ANATOMY OF A MEDIA FRENZY list for a week or two - or until they publish a retraction of what they said in those articles I saved? 

Can we compose an email together we can agree to send to writers on the list that begins:

What if all we want at this point is a complete retraction that reads: MEA CULPA   
In late 2011 I wrote an article that condemned Joe Paterno as the man who heard Mike McQueary say he had witnessed Jerry Sandusky anally raping a 10-year-old on the Penn State campus and did nothing more than tell his boss Athletic Director Tim Curley. That has now been unequivocally proven to be false. Mike McQueary never said that he witnessed anal intercourse and he certainly never told Joe Paterno he had.  
The prosecution's charge that Victim 2 was subjected to anal intercourse was adjudicated NOT GUILTY in the Sandusky trial making it clear that the Jury did not believe McQueary had witnessed anal intercourse. 
I now believe Joe Paterno told the truth when he said McQueary's account of that night in Feb 2001 was unclear. I now understand that Joe Paterno has been unjustly defamed because he did the only thing under the law he could have done by putting McQueary in touch with Penn State administrators. 
It is now abundantly clear that people who have followed every detail of information and testimony, in this case, have been correct. Mike McQueary was not certain of what he witnessed and he was unclear in his statements to Joe Paterno and the Penn State Administrators. The charges against those administrators for Perjury have been dismissed. 
I wish to apologize to Penn State University and Joe Paterno for my part in the defamation of the iconic 'SUCCESS WITH HONOR" coach. I realize I accepted the version of events described in Attorney General Linda Kelly's Presentment as fact. I believed it when she stated that Mike McQueary witnessed anal intercourse and told Joe exactly that.   
I realize that my writing helped to portray 85 year old Joe Paterno as a man more interested in preserving the reputation of his football program than preventing child abuse by a pedophile. I can now see that is not the truth and my words assisted an Attorney General and Board of Trustees who abused their power in their own self-interest. 
The NCAA has done the right thing and restored Joe Paterno's record of wins. Now we should all do the right thing and restore the honor and integrity of Joe Paterno. Joe did the right thing and the OAG was responsible for a grave injustice. We the media were misled by the OAG in PA. 
What if we target 10 or 12 of the writers in the ANATOMY OF A MEDIA FRENZY list every week and send them the email we compose with a list of 3 or 4 links to SMSS articles that detail the facts with testimony proving what we say is true. Can we get 100 to do this?  Or 300 of us who will participate in an email campaign? We can also use twitter and Facebook where we find those accounts for these authors. 

The articles in SMSS get an average of 2850 views per article this past two months. 285 would mean just 10% of those who read the weblog consistently participating in the campaign. 

How many of you reading this would be willing to copy and post to 10 or 12 email addresses a day for a week or two? This can be done by listing all the authors in a single email. 

Potential Targets:
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  1. Barry, this article is mostly valuable because you have compiled a lot of the fake news articles and editorials concerning Joe Paterno that the MSM presented as truthful news. It's very useful to see the propaganda authors and their propaganda news outlets listed here in one place. I notice the Washington Post has quite an imbalance of fake news articles blaming Joe Paterno for Second Mile's child rape facility, founded by none other than Jerry Sandusky.

    Wow, The Washington Post, a once-respected MSM newspaper is now a purveyor of lies to hide the crimes against humanity committed by, and enabled by, our corporate Zionist facade of a government.

    Although your idea of flooding these Zionist authors with e-mails is admirable, it would be ineffective now because of the Zionist-created Trump distraction. Our MSM is generating fear propaganda to distract us from the criminals of 9/11 and all their subsequent and prolific acts of corruption against the American people. One of which was laying blame on PSU for the Second Mile's sex crimes against children.

    MSM is feigning an adversarial relationship with Trump. Yet they are effectively broadcasting his recklessness in foreign affairs and disregard for nuclear weapons regulations to frighten all of us. This is our corporate Zionist facade-government at work against us. It's effectively pitting us all against each other (democrats vs. republican; white people vs. dark-skinned people ) so we're not aware of who our enemy really is.

    No one has the time or the energy to effectively seek justice for Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, and Attorney General Kathleen Kane now. Like fearful lemmings we are led to our favorite MSM (fake news) outlet each morning to see if Trump is going to "end the world" with his recklessness.

    For five years I've written here in this blog urging people to see the bigger picture. No justice will be found for those that have had their constitutional rights ignored by the U.S. government. Not until the criminals within it are named and brought to justice for their 9/11 atrocities and the subsequent false flag acts of terror. Until that actually happens, there will be no justice on a smaller scale for college presidents, coaches, professors, and entertainers that are being falsely accused and ruined in the MSM. It's all for the furthering of the wealthy one percent's pathological Zionist agenda of terror and oppression by media. "Frighten them and distract them" is their game plan---divide and conquer.

  2. By transmuting this problem of non-journalistic MSM into one wrapped in the Israeli problem, you've effectively hijacked Barry's serious offer of tangible action that could be taken on behalf of truth in the Sandusky story.

    Barry, thanks for your efforts and ideas here.