Thursday, July 26

Exposing the Hypocrisy of Tom Corbett

the SMSSS website commends CASABLANCA PA for their work exposing the hypocrisy of Tom Corbett in the Sandusky  Scandal

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By Luck or Design - are both worth your time.

Good stuff Casablanca - keep it coming

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  1. A comment in Casablanca comment section read as follows...

    Read Curley's testimony, it will reveal what they agreed upon.

    I re read Curley's testimony from the Grand Jury proceeding this past weekend.

    This would be the testimony that was read into the Court record during his prelim trial.

    It astonished me that I didn't pick up on this when they read it into the record, but 99% of this is right there in Cuirley's own words.

    Go re read it.

    It is there.

    Curley goes and talks to Sandusky, informs Reykovitz, and that is basically it.

    He then, to use his own words, "circles back around" and informs Joe and Spanier. That's it.

    It seems pretty clear that they all knew what they had done, and that it did not involve the Police.

    Corbett did the same thing, he knew a Child Predator was under investigation so he assign one sole State Trooper?

    He did the same thng Paterno, Curley, Schultz, and Spanier did but they hade doubts, Corbett had investigators, yet one Trooper assigned????

    ....Does anyone read this the same way? I read the material this person did, including Curley's GJ testimony, and I do not come to the conclusion that Joe knew much at all in'98, and did NOT commit perjury when he gave his GJ testimony. I also find no evidence that he influenced anyone to do anything re: Sandusky, for any reason, certainly not to cover anything. Please share your thoughts on this. Many thanks.