Friday, July 27

SMSSS Co-author Ray Blehar on the GOON SHOW

UPDATE: Ray will be on with Kevin Slaten at 5:20pm -
HERE'S RAY ON THE GOON SHOW - 2ND HOUR of the top recording

In the second hour of the show, Ray Blehar, discusses the Freeh report’s inconsistencies as they relate to the sanctions, and his efforts going forward to clear Penn State and show how The Freeh report is wrong, and the NCAA was wrong to rely on it. Really interesting stuff. Ray’s articles are posted here
Ray Blehar will be on the Goon Show on Thursday night from 6:20PM to 7:00PM.
He will be talking about the Freeh Report's overstatement and misuse of evidence regarding the 1998 and 2001 incidents of the Sandusky Scandal.
It is a streamed broadcast on the internet at THIS LINK - THE GOON SHOW 

While we are on the subject of radio DMJ599 offered these links to some Kevin Slaten interviews concerning the Sandusky Scandal
Here they are for your listening pleasure Kevin Slaten/Anthony Lugano PSU BOT new member
Just listened to this Lubrano interview - this is quite good Kevin Slaten/Sara Lampe 
Missouri St Legislature. on her ill-informed comments toward Coach Pinkel of Missouri
It even gets better toward the end. Ms Lampe ends up looking very foolish. Kevin Slaten/NCAA Kevin Slated/KC Star Opinion
Let us know what you think about these interviews and Ray's performance on Thursday evening. 


  1. Can you explain the personal Schultz notes, that Freeh mentions in his report, supposedly, regarding the 2001 incident:
    - "3) Tell chair of Board of Second Mile 2)Report to Dept of Welfare 1) Tell JS to avoid bringing children alone into Lasch Bldg."

    So, if those Schultz notes exist, that Freeh saw, then based on only "Horseplay", they were considering reporting the 2001 incident to the DPW?

    I can't get around that. It doesn't make sense that Schultz would consider going to DPW on only "horseplay".

    Of course, we are not looking at Schultz's notes, only Freeh.

    1. I think consideration of going to DPW is always indicated IF legal counsel indicates it is.
      In this case Wendell Courtney billed 2.9 hours to PSU for legal research on the question and evidently told them it was not legally required.

    2. This question was posed to counsel after Curley & Schultz spoke with Paterno but prior to speaking with McQueary. They were simply looking for the parameters of the legal requirements to cover all eventualities.