Tuesday, July 24

Important Information MISSING from Freeh Report

When reading something like the Freeh Report, it's easy to evaluate what's there. However, what sets an average analyst apart from a very good analyst is determining what's not there.....
The Freeh Report correctly reports several times that Gary Schultz, Tim Curley, Graham Spanier, and Joe Paterno did not report Sandusky to the authorities. In these reports, Freeh states that the authority to be contacted is the Department of Child Welfare.
So, what is missing?

Turn to Chapter 8: FEDERAL AND STATE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE REPORTING REQUIREMENTS, pages 110 and 111, and start reading. Freeh goes into great detail on the reporting requirements fo the Clery Act, but makes no mention of the Pennsylvania child abuse reporting statutes in those findings.
Please note that in the fifth finding, Freeh calls out Paterno, Curley, and McQueary by name as persons obligated to report under the Clery Act.
As you turn to page 111, you realize there are NO KEY FINDINGS that PSU violated the Pennsylvania child abuse reporting statute. Why would Freeh exclude that finding from the report, when his report repeatedly states that Penn State officials failed to report the incident to authorities? They are missing for a reason -- Freeh knows that Curley and Schultz did not violate the law that was in effect in 2002 (see paragraph 2, page 117). He also never adds the qualifier "as required by law" to any statement about PSU's failure to report the 2001 incident.
Want more proof that PSU was not required by law to report the abuse to DPW...
Chapter 8 is broken into five sections:
I: The Federal "Clery Act"
II: The Unversity's Failure To Implement the Clery Act
III: Pennsylvania Child Abuse Reporting Statutes
IV: Implications of The University's Failure to Report Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
V: Improvements in Clery Act Compliance Since November 2011
Freeh's crafting of Chapter 8 is typical, set the grounds for reporting in one section, then cite the failures in the next, then use the final section to discuss any progress in improving. What is plainly obvious to anyone who reads this report is that section IV doesn't follow the pattern. It simply provides more details on who didn't report based on the Clery Act and makes NO STATEMENTS about anyone violating the PA statutes.
What Freeh does is pretty crafty - he makes an introductory statement that Curley and Schultz were charged with failure to report in Section III, but the SIC's conclusions about compliance with PA statutes are noticably absent in Section IV and instead they have been swapped out for the Clery Act to provide the illusion that what follows in IV is relevant to III, when it is not.
This report is full of holes. The PSU officials who accepted this report are grossly incompetent.


  1. The Freeh report is simply a containment report. Contain and limit the damage to the Penn St football program...Sandusky, Paterno, Curly and Spanier.

    This Scandal is all about Second Mile. That place was a pedophile farm. Kids have been being abused there for decades. Freeh is jumping through hoops to try to limit the damage....

    Interesting note....Ronald Roskens was fired from Nebraska, supposedly for things involving children. Roskens long-time friend......Spanier.

    To think Sandusky was the only pedophile roaming the grounds....is extremely naive. I would love to find out who the early board members were for Second Mile.....who donated to Second Mile early on......etc..etc

    1. I suggest you might want to look at Governor Corbett (also as Attorney General Corbett) in that regard...

    2. DJM if you will email me aurabass AT yahoo dot com
      I will give you and update.

  2. We do know that it has been alleged that the TSM fundraisers were meat markets for pedophiles. You can thank Aurabass for disclosing that allegation on this blog. We also know that Joe Paterno was MC at the largest TSM fundraiser one year. We are still waiting for Aurabass to connect the two items.

    1. I'm curious too. When can we expect that report on the TSM meat market/Paterno connection?

    2. Simply supporting TSM by appearing at their fundraisers should never taint anyone. TSM was taking in millions a year in donations and was thought by most people to be a fine charity. The "meat market" aspect is a very tiny minority - and the only evidence we have of that are the remarks by the one witness and the Savitz connection. How many TSM supporters were aware of this? Well it had to be damn few for it to survive as long as it did.

  3. So I hear you are banned from BSD... terrible stuff. Appreciate your diligence there, especially against the trolls. Good luck in the future.

    1. Thank you This will give you some details.

  4. I hope you all have a copy of the original Freeh report because it is being changed repeatedly. Given the authors, this ethical lapse does not surprise me.

    Attorney: Amendments to Penn State's Freeh report 'disconcerting'

    1. We are quite aware of the changes
      There is an errata pdf available on the changes here

  5. I don't understand your reluctance to take on TSM. There are photographs (PHOTOGRAPHS!!!) of each of Paterno, Spanier, Curley and Schultz, not just attending TSM fundraisers, but STANDING NEXT TO SANDUSKY at TSM fundraisers. Aren't you in the least suspicious that the four men accused of covering up Sandusky's crimes were photographed with him at the very institution which provided Sandusky's victims? These photographs are hard, physical evidence, not just conclusions in the Freeh Report.

    Why is this any different from finding a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald shaking hands with the CIA Director at a CIA picnic?

    The fact that TSM was considered a "fine" charity means nothing; Penn State's reputation as a great university didn't stop Sandusky from exploiting its facilities and programs.

    Why are you suddenly dumping on the Savitz evidence? If you don't consider it worthy of pursuing, why did you post it on this website?

    It strikes me as suspicious that when the trail leads back to Paterno, you lose interest.

  6. How about a photo of the Rosenbergs and Beria throwing back the vodka at a KGB picnic?

    How about a photo of the five Watergate burglars and Nixon saying "cheese" in the Oval Office?

    I guess that those photos WOULD be suspicious (unless someone finds Joe somewhere in the background).

  7. A photo of ONE of the Gang of Four with Jerry at a TSM fundraiser is a RED FLAG. Photos of EACH of them with Jerry at TSM fundraisers is four ROCKETS going off.

  8. Of course PSU wasn't. An institution isn't subject to criminal statutes - individuals are. This is not complicated.