Thursday, July 19

How the Media May Have Framed Joe Paterno

John Ziegler has written an excellent editorial concerning the media frenzy that may have framed Joe Paterno. Via email has requested that I post this editorial here and I am happy to comply. This is great work that should be made available to everyone interested in the Sandusky saga and the totally unfair and misguided framing of Penn State and Joe. John says this "has been as unfair as any (media coverage) I have ever seen" and goes on to prove it in compelling fashion. Barry Bozeman. 
How the Media May Have Framed Joe Paterno  by John Ziegler
Regardless of what the final facts eventually say about what Joe Paterno knew and when he knew it about Jerry Sandusky’s criminal behavior (contrary to what the media has told you, they aren’t in yet), the media coverage of him has been as unfair as any I have ever seen. In some ways, the media coverage of Joe Paterno has combined some of the worst elements of both the reporting of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 presidential election.

And while it is possible that they may end up being “right” about their seemingly insatiable desire to destroy Paterno’s reputation, if that indeed turns out to be the case it will be due far more to pure luck than to actual credible journalism. 
Here is the story of how the media may have framed Joe Paterno .

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