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What “Moving On” Means to Every Current Student and Alumni of Penn State
By a PSU Fan of 44 Years and FREEHdom Fighter - Bill 

First let me say I am not a PSU alumni but just a big fan since 1968.  My experience at PSU is limited to tailgating and seeing games.  But I do have a sense of history and can tell all PSU students and Alumni what this BOT is leaving them with this “Move On” position of theirs.

I’m old enough to remember when SMU got the death penalty.  It has been over 30 years since that happened and to this day if the SMU score is given or the initials SMU are seen most people think “Death Penalty and Cheating”.  And that happened over 30 years ago.

With the situation here for PSU it’s different.  There was not one NCAA rule broken yet PSU received sanctions that will cripple the program for years after the sanctions are lifted.  

Let me be very clear on this next point.  Please do not imagine what I’m about to tell you isn’t going to happen.  It will.

If this “Move on” position is accepted whenever the PSU score is given or anyone mentions Penn State the people of your age will automatically think “Pedophile State University.  The university that let a Child Molester roam free for 14 years.” will come to everyone’s mind.  And that memory will last for over 50 years.  Think I’m wrong? Why then if you talk to anybody in my generation do we remember SMU like it was yesterday?  That Pedophile U issue will last your lifetime and beyond.  Don’t fool yourself for one minute that it won’t.  The media has also switched if you’ve noticed.  It's not Joe as much anymore.  It's now “If the PEOPLE at Penn State cared as much about kids as they do….”.  Go ahead and read the story about removing the JS brick and see how the articles portray Penn State now.  You, the rest of the student body and everyone who works there is now in the same boat with Sandusky.  

That is the result of moving on.  Because moving on says “Yes we’re guilty.  We all had a hand in molesting those kids".  Well if you listen to Karen Peetz with her “We have to take responsibility and move on” what is she really saying? We’re the guilty people. We have to take responsibility.  Who is we?  We is you.  So ask yourself what do YOU need to take responsibility for?  Did you Molest those kids?   Please tell me what you need to take responsibility for.  I think the answer is “I don’t have to take responsibility for anything".  But Ms. Peetz seems to think so.  Her belief is founded in the belief the Freeh report is absolutely true.

The fact is the Freeh Report doesn't come within a mile of the truth.  It seems every week a new attorney posts a review of the Freeh Report online that rips it to shreds.  Truth?  Ha.  It’s an indictment based on no facts or truth. Go on and see if you can find one review by a competent attorney who says the Freeh Report is credible.  You won't find it.  And you want the legacy of "Pedophile U" to follow you for 50 or more years based on that report?  A report the "Move On" faction certifies to the rest of the country as the truth.  Yes, Ms. Peetz and the rest of the Old Guard Bot don't come out and say that.  But this action of “moving on” says that to everyone in the country.

And here is something else for you enjoy from the “Move On” strategy.  When you leave Penn State you will hopefully gain employment in the field you worked so hard to get a degree in. And provided the respective employer doesn’t discriminate against you for going to Penn State.  But think about when you are in the lunch room, at the water cooler, etc. and the subject of University’s attended, or the games that were played over the weekend comes up and your co-workers say I went to Notre Dame, Maryland what have you.  You know you will have apprehension saying you graduated for Penn State and may even catch a few remarks like “Oh isn’t that the University that covered up for a child molester?”  I hope that doesn’t happen but those same co-workers will be thinking it. 

By moving on you set yourself up for what I describe above. 

On the other hand how about the truth?  Not a report based on opinion and Mr. Freeh's imagination. You, Penn State, Joe, Curly, Shulz, and Spanier have been slandered by lies and falsehoods to sell news articles and your BOT has supported these lies and falsehoods by their silence and desire to sweep it all under the rug and "Move On".  But the truth can clear yours, Penn State, Joe and everyone's name.  Wouldn't that be better than "Moving on" and the rest of the country saying “they accepted everything so it must be true”?  

In closing you can choose the legacy the BOT is making for you based on lies and a bogus report.  Or you can demand the truth and hold your BOT accountable for their actions.  Your actions will dictate your choice.  Help us make the BOT come clean, eat their giant piece of Humble Pie, admit their mistakes, and if those mistakes are severe enough resign and get true leaders who will put the welfare of Penn State, you and the Alumni before their self-interest. 

Take action.  Help us and more importantly yourself.  Help our petition drive to get 30,000 or more signatures opposing this “Move On’ position meant to save face for the BOT.  Distribute it through the dorms, frat houses, sorority houses and e-mail the links to the on-line version to people you can’t reach face to face.  All the information about mailing the Petitions is at the bottom of the forms.

Just so you know that for 100's of thousands of us we can't move forward by leaving behind those who got us here.


and hand them out to signature takers



Thank you and may God bless all of you.

Fight Sanctions Petition -  DON'T MOVE ON  Due Process Petiton Printable Version

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