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Why Support the 1998 Due Process Petition?


We have had several questions asked about the 1998 Due Process Petition. Some people want to know why we are not trying to overturn ALL of the NCAA Sanctions and to attack the entire Freeh Fiction. If you are a regular reader of this website you know we think the Freeh Report is filled with far more inaccuracies than just the 1998 "key findings". 

We agree with you - ALL OF THE NCAA SANCTIONS should be rescinded and the entire FREEH FICTION should be renounced. We intend to do just that as time passes.

Here is the reasoning for going after 1998 first. 

1) 1998 is the weakest finding of several weak findings in the Freeh Fiction
2) The fallacy of the "key findings" in 1998 are the easiest to understand and accept
3) The 2001 situation will be adjudicated in the Perjury Trials in Jan. 
4) We can explain the 1998 fallacies in short simple language and we have all the facts. 
5) Contesting the 1998 Freeh Fiction is impossible for a rational person to oppose.
6) We have support for this approach from people who can make this work.    

1) The weakest link 
Attacking a document at it's weakest point is a tried and true method of casting doubt on the entire document. If Freeh was wrong in 1998 - and he is wrong - it is easier to raise doubts in the minds of those who accept Freeh as fact in the rest of the Freeh findings

2) Each of the Key Findings in 1998 are Misleading Deceptions LINK 
Just click on the link above and see the entire dissection of the 1998 key findings. 

3) The 2001 Perjury Trials 
When Tim Curley and Gary Schultz are judged 'not guilty' in the January perjury trials two things will happen. 1) They will be free to speak their minds about everything they know. and 2) MIke McQueary will have been subjected to rigorous cross-examination on his various statements about what he has had to say to his father, Dr. Dranov, Joe Paterno, former teammates, on messageboard chats, to the Grand Jury, at the Perjury Preliminary hearing, and to Tim Curley and Gary Schultz. This additional information and those not guilty verdicts will go a long way to changing the environment concerning 2001. 

4) The simplicity of the 1998 argument: 
The DPW and DA's office concluded after a lengthy inquiry that NO CRIMINAL or Sexually Inappropriate behavior occurred in the 1998 incident. This inquiry, BY LAW, is to be kept confidential
Freeh makes the unfounded claim that Joe Paterno and PSU administrators knew the details of the inquiry and were somehow at fault for not punishing or restricting Jerry Sandusky in 1998. 
Freeh's evidence that Joe "knew and followed it closely" does not exist. The emails from Curley to Schultz do not include Joe AND even if Joe was told by Curley that a mother's complaint brought a DPW inquiry that found nothing Criminal or Sexually Inappropriate - so what? Is Joe Paterno supposed to overrule the DPW and DA's office
The statements in RED are very simple and easy to accept. If the child protective agencies, police and DA do a thorough inquiry and find no Criminal or Sexually inappropriate behavior by what measure is a football coach supposed to oppose that finding? 

5) Contesting 1998 is impossible to rationally oppose. 
We  need the broadest support we can obtain and it is very difficult to oppose Due Process. The idea that Joe Paterno should have stopped Sandusky in 1998 when DPW and the DA concluded his behavior was neither criminal or sexually inappropriate is absurd even if Joe knew that such an inquiry had taken place. So Freeh's argument that "Joe Knew" is a red herring because all Joe could have known is that DPW and the DA looked into a mother's complaint and found that Jerry did nothing wrong.

6) Wide spread support from people who can help. 
We have the support of FRANCO HARRIS who is lining up other players to endorse this effort. We have the assurance of Anthony Lubrano that 25 to 30,000 signatures will get his support to take this public and to the Board of Trustees.  

WE will extend our efforts to overturn all the NCAA restrictions after the Perjury Trial results in January 2013 but too many people can logically refrain from doing anything until after that happens. Too many have questions about the McQueary incident and Joe's Grand Jury testimony. 

So we are left with doing nothing or attacking the 1998 findings now to keep the fight alive and set the stage for January when we can fight the 2001 findings after having successfully shown the Board of Trustees that there are a significant number of people who want to see the 1998 thru 2000 wins restored and 15 million of the 60 million in fines rescinded NOW. All it will require is a very short review of the 1998 findings of Freeh by a credible INDEPENDENT authority with NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST. This rather simple review can be as easy as having someone like Judge Lewis read the findings and the "evidence" and ruling on the validity of Freeh's absurd findings. 

THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO NOW to keep this fight alive until January. 
First Download and Print copies of the Due Process for JVP and PSU 1998 Petition

1) Sign the ONLINE PETITION - that's good 
2) Download an Print the Petition and gather signatures - that BETTER 
3) Print many copies & hand them out to others to get more signatures - THAT'S BEST 

imagine what we can do if 2000 of us hand out 20 printed petitions and half of those are returned with 20 signatures each. 
Due Process Petiton Printable Version

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