Monday, September 3

Freeh Admits Collusion with Attorney General Kelly

Freeh's own words confirm our worst suspicions and remove all doubt. Freeh's Fiction was composed in concert with Attorney General Linda Kelly under the control of Gov. Tom Corbett. This was collusion by the prosecution and State officials at the highest level and was never a fair and honest evaluation of any real evidence on the part of Freeh and his team. 

This isn't an argument on the part of Joe Paterno or Penn State. This is an indictment of the entire process used by the NCAA to levy sanctions against Penn State. Any semblance of a complete and honest appraisal of the actions of Joe Pateno and Penn State administrators is admitted by Freeh to be a complete FRAUD with these words from Freeh himself:

Freeh defended his work Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press. Addressing specific criticism that his team did not interview Mike McQueary and other key witnesses, Freeh said his team respected requests by state prosecutors to rely on their grand jury testimony.  
''We did not interview him (McQueary); that was at the request of the attorney general,'' Freeh said. ''Some of the people we normally would have interviewed, we were asked by the prosecutors not to do so.''
Freeh relied on the Grand Jury testimony instead of questioning the witnesses themselves "at the request of the Attorney General? Do you realize the incredible nature of this statement? 

In the Freeh report Freeh says that this was part of his plan. On page 9 of the report, he says that their implementation plan included:
"   Cooperating with law enforcement, government and non-profit agencies, including the  National   Center  for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), and athletic program governing bodies;"
This clearly includes colluding with the AG's office and the NCAA. Freeh hid it in plain sight. So his statements about independence and secrecy are a complete joke. He made those groups part of the SIC on purpose. The leaks could have come from any of them.

A Grand Jury is the prosecutions tool used to gain indictments. The attorneys question witnesses with a sole purpose - to enter into the record incriminating evidence ONLY. They ask no questions that might have exculpatory answers. There is no cross-examination. There is no defense attorney present to ask questions. The entire process is totally one-sided. 

Freeh was supposed to be conducting a full investigation to get at the truth. His report was not presumed to echo an indictment procedure. This is extremely important and should immediately make anyone who accepted the Freeh Report as a serious fair and balanced inquiry to seek truth to re-evaluate their opinion.

 McQueary spoke to Joe for 10 minutes. Four of those words might have been "a sexual nature" and "fondling" 4 words out of how many he spoke that day a decade in the past and in what context? 

There is now some evidence to the contrary. From Joe himself in his conversation with Gary Gray on Dec 6th. Our memories are interesting things - particularly the memory of an 85 year old a decade following a brief conversation. As it becomes more important and we have time to reflect on it things come back to us. So after being removed as head coach and the media frenzy did Joe recall more of the conversation? 

Was it something like this during the 5 or 6 minutes Mike spoke to Joe?

"Joe I don't know exactly what was happening. I expected to see two adults having sex when I heard those sounds. I visualized seeing that prior to glancing for 1 or 2 seconds. I wasn't sure what I was seeing. Something of a sexual nature? Fondling or something like that? I just can't be certain my observation was so brief and I was so shocked when it wasn't two adults like I expected." 

Your guess is as good as mine. Did Joe ask Mike what they talked about after he received his subpoena in Dec of 2010? I would have if I didn't recall what was said a decade prior to the serving. 

The media and Kelly made the world think that this was such a huge deal to Joe Tim and Gary they could not possibly forget what was said in those brief encounters a decade in the past. But that is simply absurd if they came to believe that Mike's 1 or 2 second glances were of Jerry doing his bear hug routine with no sexual intent as was the conclusion of the DPW and CYS in 1998. 


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    and spam the comment section with the same tired trash will be deleted. I suggest you start your own website with all the rest of the Freeh Fiction supporters and Joe Haters.

    The DPW and DA's office ruled that the bear hugs had no sexual intent. How that FACT escapes you is beyond me.

  2. So, Barry, you admit that you are doing the same thing that you accuse others of doing -- selective editing of content. How convenient.

  3. This is a website Bud
    not a 6.5 million dollar fiction that is supposed to be a fair and impartial finding of fact.
    There is nothing fair and impartial about this website and that has never been a pretension or ours

    Don't like it? Then don't read it or comment.

    1. "There is nothing fair and impartial about this website and that has never been a pretension or ours."

      This is not what you said in your biographical sketch on your framingpaterno website:

      "That decision led to the creation of his weblog as an OBJECTIVE NON-PARTISAN view of the Scandal."

      Which is it?

    2. This website originally had an introduction which stated that you could support both Penn State/Paterno AND the victims, that you did not have to choose between them.

      I understand now why that was deleted.

    3. Unknow's life has to be a mess if his only way to get attention is to attack everything we do here. I suppose I should feel some pity for this pathetic display of churlish demands and complaints but I don't.

      WE aren't changing the site or our goals unknown - and we simply don't give a damn about your problems with what we produce. We built this site to 120,000 viewers last month from 1400 in June doing what you don't like. I think that's about the time you showed up trying to tell us what to do.

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  4. Mr Dwyers Brain,

    As a friend of the late Bud Dwyer, I find your tag name to be excessively distasteful, to the point that your comment barely registers as anything more than agitation from a person with little to no sense of decency. If you want to be taken seriously, really, choose a name that doesn't ridicule suicide. And by the way, with a name like yours, how do you sleep at night?

    Grow up...

  5. It unspeakable to me that a charity was potentially created with the sole purpose of grooming victims for pedophiles, and the general public can't see past the football coach. 2nd Mile has yet to be investigated! Where is the outrage?

    Anyway, keep up the good work and keep seeking justice for the victims and other perpetrators!

    1. Agreed. What doesn't make sense is why the Commomwelth has gone out of its way to destroy its own state university. It's almost like the old shell game where, for some reason, attention has been diverted away from 2M and focused on PSU and JP. Presumably someone is trying to hide something. Can you imagine the BOT of the University of Alabama allowing this to happen to its state university and to the Bear. The people would have run the bastards out of the state.

  6. I don't understand how Mike McQueary got the shower incident date wrong AS WELL AS Jack Raykovitz. I find it odd that they both were mistaken on the year the shower incident occurred. Did Jack as CEO of The Second Mile not keep a calendar?

    "As The Second Mile's CEO Jack Raykovitz testified to the Grand Jury, he was informed in 2002 by Pennsylvania State University Athletic Director Tim Curley that an individual had reported to Mr. Curley that he was uncomfortable about seeing Jerry Sandusky in the locker room shower with a youth."

    He also stated in the press release, "The most recent reports we've read this past weekend state that Mr. Sandusky met the alleged victims through The Second Mile. To our knowledge, all the alleged incidents occurred outside of our programs and events."

    Wasn't the Friend Fitness program one of The Second Miles' programs? And wasn't Sandusky engaged in that activity when the shower incident occurred? How does the Second Mile get away with saying the abuse occured outside of their programs? It says right on their own website that the Friend Fitness is one of their programs.

    "The Second Mile's Friend Fitness Program is an individualized strength training and mentoring program designed to provide adolescents with positive adult role models as they work to reach personal, academic, and fitness goals. The program is offered free of cost to student participants and is currently available in Centre County."

    1. Excellent questions "a"

      I had not thought about the Friend Fitness program angle but that's an excellent question.
      That Friend Fitness program offers a couple of questions that need answering. TSM used volunteer "friends" and free facilities for 2 hours a week for 119 kids in 2010. They list the cost of the program at $348,000 or $3,344 per child.

      Someone needs to explain how that program could cost 3.5 million dollars over 10 years using volunteers and free facilities don't you think?

  7. This is from the Petition For Distribution of Assets of The Second Mile. It still seems like a ton of money for picnics, group workouts and luncheons for a small group of kids and their mentors.

    Friend Fitness Program.
    (i) The Friend Fitness Program assists struggling teens to achieve
    personal, academic and ļ¬tness goals through individualized strength training with adult mentors.
    (ii) This Program also includes social and team building activities such
    as picnics, group workouts and luncheons for students and mentors.
    (iii) In 2011, 27 teens participated in the Friend Fitness Program in
    Centre County.
    (iv) During bi-weekly sessions, 34 adult mentors assisted students in
    working on their goals while providing positive encouragement.
    (v) A review of yearly school data shows that participants in the Friend
    Fitness Program had a 65% increase in school attendance or maintained perfect attendance.
    Assessment data on the Friend Fitness Program is included in the Appendix as Exhibit “C.”
    (vi) Additionally, participants in the Friend Fitness Program
    experienced a 75% reduction in unexcused absences while 71% of participants improved their
    grades in core courses such as English, Math and Science.
    (vii) Approximately 25 teens have participated in the Friend Fitness
    Program in Centre County in 2012.