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Ray Blehar's Letter to The Football Letter

John Black is the editor of The Football Letter.  In his first letter of the season, he becomes part of the PSU propaganda machine in an attempt to move people forward and at the same time he waters down the traditions of Penn State -- as if a drum major flip and Blue Band routines are going to make people feel warm and fuzzy about PSU getting screwed by its own Board of Trustees.

I wrote Mr. Black to ensure he knows that the fidelity or loyalty to Penn State is waning and will not be there if the BOT continues on its path.
From: Ray Blehar         To: ""
Dear John,

Just because you wrote we are ONE, it doesn't make it so.

The Penn State and Central Pennsylvania Community is not one and is NOT united.
As of today, it is divided and will remain so for the forseeable future.

Some of my friends are members of the State College Chamber of Commerce -- and they do not agree with the CBICCs position on moving forward.

I had lunch on Sunday with a very famous and outspoken former player.  He is not moving forward.  

I met with several other former players.  They are not moving forward.

I met hundreds of fans on Saturday.  188 of them signed a petition NOT to move forward.  Hundreds of others signed petitions elsewhere around the stadium.  They are not moving forward.

My friends and I reach 100's of thousands of  friends, fans, and alumni each month through our websites.  They are not moving forward.

On Saturday in Beaver Stadium, we saw what moving forward means. 

Sure the fans were great and we supported the team, but that team was depleted and its stamina and talent not enough to compete with a good Ohio team from the MAC.  You know that the competition will stiffen each week as the season rolls on. 

Ohio is not Ohio State. 

As the sanctions worsen, and more scholarships are lost, the outcomes of PSU football contests are more or less predetermined.  Losing teams do not draw fans -- our basketball program is an example of that and it is also an example of how hard it is to build a program when there is no tradition.

John, as a long time follower of Penn State, you know our tradition and you know that the unique thing about Penn State is that our beliefs always transcended the athletic fields.  

They were about great ideas and a great man.....a Grand Experiment....Success With Honor.....Joe Paterno.

The PSU BOT has done everything in its power to erase those traditions, those lofty beliefs, and to destroy that man. 

People won't move on when their beliefs are trampled.  And especially when they are trampled because of a false narrative perpetrated by the media and readily repeated by the so-called trustees of the university.

Many of the alumni, who would not be where they are today with out Penn State and those beliefs, now are ready to turn our backs and walk away unless things change, the wrongs are righted, and the BOT steps down.

We will not donate money. 

We will not buy football tickets. 

We will not come to Happy Valley on fall Saturdays.

What Joe Paterno said many years ago (1983) when he addressed the Board of Trustees about building up Penn State University is still applicable today.

"....some of these people....would make Happy Valley Sleepy Hollow if we let them."


Raymond M. Blehar,
Honors Graduate, Smeal College of Business 2008
Sparks Circle Member, PSU President's Club
Life Member, Penn State Alumni Association
Honorary Coach, Nittany Lion Club
Charter Member, Mount Nittany Club 

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The Letter 

Click on photo or "Game Photos" link at left to see action shots from Saturday.

One team of dedicated players who chose to remain Nittany Lions because they are committed to Penn State.

One Beaver Stadium crowd showing its support of these Loyal Lions, who have been deprived of ever having a chance to play for a division or conference championship or in any bowl game—through no fault of their own.

One Nittany Nation determined to stand up for its university, which remains one of the best educational institutions in the world—graduating students who are still the most sought after by recruiters and continue to join the band of passionate alumni who contribute immeasurably to American society.

One Central Pennsylvania community standing together and moving forward despite the tumult of the past year.

All of these became One Singular Sensation Saturday and ushered in a new era for Penn State.

Yes, the Nittany Lions lost the football game to an excellent Ohio team, 24-14, on a steamy hot afternoon in Beaver Stadium. But the weekend represented so much more.
04AThe crowds at the Football Eve pep rally, at Jeffrey Field and in Rec Hall on Friday and throughout the tailgate areas and inside the stadium on Saturday and strolling across Penn State’s beautiful campus on Sunday exemplified thePride, Spirit and Unity of Penn Staters around this planet, the resilience of a wounded community and the resolve of the Penn State family to stand strong in its fidelity to Dear Old State.

“Together We Are One. Moving Forward” was the theme.

A ring of joined hands around the stadium before the gates opened expressed support to all victims of abuse and violence, as did a silent moment of reflection inside before kickoff. A blue ribbon next to the American flag on the back of Penn State’s helmets reinforced that support.

More than 600 Penn State student-athletes from 30 other varsity teams carried banners into the honor line welcoming the loyal football players as they ran onto the field. The line was joined by 200 former football lettermen and deans from 11 of Penn State’s academic colleges.

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  1. Penn State is currently in the moral equivalent of a civil war, with its students, faculty, and alumni on one side and its President and so-called Trustees on the other. The Trustees do not have my support, and will not have my support, under any foreseeable circumstances. Neither will Erickson.