Wednesday, September 26

The Perjury Trials of Curley and Schultz

Not surprising the court has ruled to not dismiss the Perjury Charges

  This LINK is to the  pdf of the Court order on the motions by Farrell and Roberto to end the Perjury Trials of their Clients - Tim Curley and Gary Schultz 

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A judge on Wednesday upheld perjury charges against two Penn State administrators accused of lying to a grand jury that investigated allegations ex-assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abused children.
Dauphin County Judge Todd Hoover ruled against the motions by former vice president Gary Schultz and athletic director Tim Curley that would have thrown out the count of perjury against each man.
The judge did not rule on the other count they each face, failure to properly report suspected child abuse. In that case, the defendants have argued the statute of limitations has expired. The judge said that dismissal request would be ruled on separately.
The judge said the claim made by Schultz and Curley that there is insufficient evidence to corroborate the perjury charges will be more appropriately pursued during the trial. He also said prosecutors have given the defendants sufficient information about which parts of their grand jury testimony make up the perjury allegation.
Some of us still believe the Attorney General will withdraw those charges prior to any trial given what she has to work with and the danger of trying to use Mike McQueary as her star witness.

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  1. How would the withdrawal of the charges prior to the trial affect things? We're all waiting for the trial, hoping that it will shed some light on things we're not sure about (or that we want to showcase - MM's screwy testimony for example).