Wednesday, September 26

Message from Anthony Lubrano

At my request, Kathleen Kane called me earlier today and we spoke for about 20 minutes. If elected, she made very clear to me that she intends to immediately begin an investigation into the handling of the Sandusky matter by the AG's office. She also believes that Tom Corbett delayed the investigation so that he could get elected and then during the investigation he ignored the role of the Second Mile due to the political contributions he received from members of the Second Mile Board, She was critical of his use of the Grand Jury. She believes that Corbett is really after Spanier for personal reasons. I shared with her that I felt that the Penn State community simply wants due process and the truth. For the sake of disclosure, I am a registered Republican who actively supported the candidacy of Tom Corbett for Governor. If we have any chance of uncovering the truth, we need to see Kathleen Kane elected Attorney General of PA.


  1. How do we know that this Is not just a political ploy to gain votes?

  2. I do not live in Pa anymore, but from all the articles, reports I have read.... Corbett needs impeached and put out of office. He is a dishonest, conniving , maligning excuse for a public official. I fear for my home state and the values it is projecting by the course of action it has taken. The very principals of due process have been put to the wayside for public officials to get exposure or to promote their own agendas.

  3. I am a 73 PSU grad who has not lived in PA since the late 70's. It has amazed me how the Commonwealth has gone out of its way to destroy its own state university, with the attendant negative consequences to PSU, the residents of PA, all of those who hold degrees from PSU, PSU employees, etc, as well as the adverse economic impact in a weak econmoy. It makes no sense. Speak about being molested. Even Rod Serling would think he was in the twilight zone.