Saturday, September 22

Dr Dranov's Testimony - Transcript

THE TESTIMONY OF DR. JOHNATHAN DRANOV in Transcript is now Available 

We can now see word for word what Dr Dranov said that convinced the jury to find Sandusky not guilty on the prosecutions claim that Mike McQueary SAW a boy being subjected to anal intercourse and told that to Joe, Tim and Gary.

Mike McQueary heard sounds "of a sexual nature" SOUNDS!!!!

Mike McQueary was asked three times by his doctor - if he SAW anything Sexual "I kept saying what did you see and he kept coming back to the Sounds"
So we are supposed to believe he could not tell family friend and Doctor he saw a sex act but we are supposed to believe he told Joe, Tim Curley, and Gary Schultz he SAW as sex act?

Is it not more likely that Mike heard the 3 slapping sounds, thought two adults were having sex in the shower, expected to see two adults when he glanced for ONE OR TWO seconds, and failed to see anything sexual but was upset because he had "visualized" seeing a sex act that he thought he had heard?

Isn't it more likely he told Joe Paterno "I thought I heard sounds of A SEXUAL NATURE"?


  1. More evidence that MM never said he saw "anal intercourse" in the PSU locker room shower in 2001.

    Yet that is precisely what the PA AG ran with in its grandstanding press conference to announce the grand jury presentment. If you need a review of the AG's errors, see Walter Uhler's article:

    Possibly there are a few Pennsylvania lawmakers among the readers of this blog. If you are one of them, please consider sponsoring a bill that would prevent any prosecutor, state or federal, within the borders of PA, from conducting a press conference regarding any grand jury presentment. These press conferences serve only to feed a media frenzy, mislead the public, and taint the likely jury pool. Remember that grand juries have heard nothing in the way of a defense case. There is no cross examination of prosecution witnesses. It is totally one-sided. The results should be sealed, and a gag order issued by the judge. The only thing the public should see before a trial on the matter should be the charge sheets. Too many prosecutors use press conferences in high profile cases as a way to promote their own political careers. It needs to stop.

  2. About Press Conferences by Prosecutors, who mislead & create a frenzy, thus insuring there will NOT be a fair trial -- recall Mike Nifong in the (fabricated) Duke Lacrosse team (non) rapes of the golddigger gal. Nifong lost his job and was disbarred; Nifong went to jail (only for one night). Whichever Pa. prosecutor LED THE PRESS CONFERENCE, and did in fact lie, mislead, embellish & Exagerate the testimony-- well that person needs a BAR COMPLAINT filed against them, and they need to be fired. There is at least 3 years to file a Bar Complaint in Pa.This needs to be an action item by a lawyer on the team. It will also get the other vermin "squirming" because it means an Investigation that gets reported to the Pa Supreme Court.