Friday, March 15

Kenneth Frazier: Audio of racist remark and transcript are one of the few people in this country, that looks like you, who actually believes the O.J. Simpson not guilty verdict was correct ~ Ken Frazier

Hat tip, Tom McLaughlin

“Excuse me.  Excuse me.  Excuse me.  Excuse me, sir. That is your view."
"I believe that we are entitled to look at the words and contemporaneous emails and other documents that draw the conclusions that we need to draw as a university,”
“We are not subject to the criminal beyond-a-reasonable-doubt standard, and you’re a lawyer, so you can stop pretending that you think we are,” 
“We can take employment actions, we can take corrective actions without any need to resort to the so-called due process, reasonable doubt standard, and I don’t care if they are acquitted. And you know the difference.
“If you cared about that, you are one of the few people in this country, that looks like you, who actually believes the O.J. Simpson not guilty verdict was correct.  And you know you do."
"So the reality of the world is..."
"Yes, I said it."
“The fact of the matter is, those documents say what they say, and no amount of hand-waving will ever change what those documents say.”

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  1. Lots of people with strong chins supported OJ. Fraizer shouldn't hold that against the man.

  2. I'm not entirely clear on what Frazier is implying here. Is it that the standards of our judicial system don't matter to him, and that moreover, they don't matter to lots of others? And his example is the white population that believes OJ Simpson should have been found guilty even though the prosecution failed to convince the jury of this, under the standards of our judicial system?

    Interesting, if this is what he's saying. I'm white. Yet I agreed with the OJ jury. The prosecution failed to meet the standards of proof required for a guilty verdict. It doesn't mean OJ was innocent. (I'm afraid we may be facing a similar situation with Sandusky, a failure of the prosecution to LEGALLY put forth an argument that meets our judicial standards required for a guilty verdict...)

  3. I also agreed with the OJ verdict because of loss of chain of custody (the Bronco).

  4. Mr. Frazier apparently has a problem with people who look like Bill Cluck, i.e. the color of their skin rather than the content of their character.