Monday, March 11

Last 24 Hours Recap: Bagwell, Contract, Deviney Repeats Lies

Here's a brief recap of the events of the last 24 hours.

Emails: Freeh team supported, celebrated Sandusky conviction

Published March 11, 2013
Louis Freeh
It was billed as an independent investigation that would serve as the definitive narrative on what happened at Penn State.
But a series of internal emails released by the Pennsylvania Attorney General last week suggest investigators for Louis J. Freeh didn’t arrive at their conclusions on their own.
After working with state prosecutors to convict Jerry Sandusky in June, Freeh’s team of ex law-enforcement officials celebrated the victory, the emails show. And within hours of his conviction, they offered their congratulations and expressed their pride.
“I am proud of you and the entire prosecution team,” wrote senior Freeh investigator Gregory Paw to Frank Fina, the AG’s lead prosecutor. “Very well done.”

Penn State Releases Engagement Letter

(From OnwardState)
With an increased public scrutiny toward the findings made in the Freeh Report, Penn State released the letter of engagement sent to Louis Freeh by the Board of Trustees earlier today to increase transparency with the transaction.
The letter, dated Nov. 18, 2011, outlines the terms of Freeh’s independent investigation and the scope of his engagement and purpose.
Penn State officials and the Board of Trustees have maintained the purpose of the Freeh report was simply for the recommendations made to improve university policy. However, the letter states, “The report will contain FSS’s findings concerning: i) failures that occurred in the reporting process; ii) the cause for those failures; iii) who had knowledge of the allegations of sexual abuse; and iv) how those allegations were handled by the Trustees, PSU administrators, coaches and other staff.”
The letter also describes payment terms and other contractual items. You can read it in full below.

While Judge Freeh did not interview Coach Paterno, Gary Shultz, or Tim Curley, he did have their grand jury testimony as well as the contemporaneous notes and emails.  We have stated that we will not comment on the guilt or innocence of any party.  I stand behind this commitment.


  1. There's so much wrong with Deviney's statement...mind boggling. She considers Freeh's report to be the argument, the case, a legal team would bring to trial?? It's more like a Presentment, full of bluster and weak on supporting arguments. I certainly would not want Deviney arguing on my behalf in a courtroom. Unbelievable.

  2. But not reviewing the Freeh Report and accepting it as fact; you by default, accepted the guilt of Joe and company. I still am amazed why the Freeh Report has not been discussed by the board. Although thinking about it, you got the document you apparently wanted. When you hear 'Success with Honor' don't worry, we not talking about you.