Sunday, March 10

Lou Prato: Freeh Recommendation Defies Logic

By Lou Prato
Special to Blue White Illustrated

As readers of this column know, I have little respect for the Freeh report, which is being used by the NCAA to support its unprecedented sanctions against the Penn State football team. It is being generous to use the term "deeply flawed" in describing what Louis Freeh and his committee produced after its so-called "independent" investigation.

Of the 120 recommendations in the report, however, there is one particular and obscure recommendation buried deep in the 500-page document that is ludicrous. One has to wonder how Freeh even included it. This concerns the hiring of the head coaches for Penn State's 31 athletic teams.

Freeh Recommendation 5.3 on page 139 states: 

"Conduct national searches for key positions, including head coaches and Associate Athletic Director(s) and above." 

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