Sunday, March 31

Multi-Media: Ray Blehar breaks down Nov 2011 grand jury presentment

Ray Blehar breaks down the November 2011 Grand Jury Presentment at Franco's Town Hall held in Pittsburgh on Saturday, November 10, 2012. 

This event was covered by local media, including the Centre Daily Times and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Matt Morgan, of the CDT, wrote that my presentation focused on Victim 8, which was the first presentation I made that day.  Bill Schnacke, of the PPG, more correctly stated that my presentation focused on the state and local agencies failures in 1998.  Neither paper mentioned the chronology of the crimes or the fact that the OAG masked the associations of the victims. 

Special thanks to Linda Berkland for creating this video:

Franco's Town Hall, Eileen Morgan, Ray Blehar, and Panel Discussion video (1 hr. 56 mins).


  1. Great work Mr. Blehar. Thank you for all you have done.

    1. You're welcome, William. Please call me Ray.

  2. Thank you, Ray, Linda, for this rebroadcast. With four additional months of fact-finding by you folks and the Paterno family in our collective brains, we can watch this presentation with smarter eyes. I may have to re-read the GJ Presentments!

    So the Sandusky Presentment omits CYS and DPW from its story?? Does it also omit The Second Mile??? And the AG rolled out the Sandusky Presentment with the poster showing (1) J Sandusky and (2) PSU administrators???? Wow. This is some story.

    Dr Chambers should be very interested in the truths of the '98 investigation coming out, both to validate/ vindicate her efforts back then and to actually help protect children going forward .

    Likewise, Penn State Univ Police should be interested in the whole story of the '98 investigation coming out.

    AG Kane can certainly accomplish some big things on behalf of kids if she has the fortitude to get to the bottom of all this.

    1. DPW gets a mention at the end of the page on Victim 6, but the presentment makes it appear that neither CYS or DPW investigated 1998.

      Second Mile mentioned re: 2001 incident....that Curley reported that the incident was investigated and found no wrong-doing. Also, Second Mile mentioned in association with all the victims.

      I talked to Dr. Chambers and she's not interested in the truth coming out. She's perfectly happy and content that Paterno and PSU have been saddled with all the blame. She has no idea how SHE could be the one under fire for NOT DOING MORE since she sent in the report that Sandusky was grooming kids, then washed her hands of the whole matter.

    2. UNBELIEVABLE. So again/ still, those trained and specifically expected to help at-risk kids were not doing so in 1998 (which was hardly the Dark Ages...we even had Google back then!), and they don't find anything wrong with this today, in 2013. UNBELIEVABLE. Glad I don't have kids. Becky

    3. As much as I don't want to impugn Dr. Chambers, I can take what Freeh wrote in his report on page 5 of the Introduction, remove a name and insert her name:

      "The evidence shows that Ms. Chambers’ colleagues were made aware of the 1998 investigation of Sandusky, spoke about it, but failed to take any action, even though Sandusky had been an agent of the County by virtue of his adoptive & foster parent status, and had an office in a Childrens’ Charity just minutes away from Ms. Chambers office. At the very least, Ms. Chambers could have alerted the entire Centre County CYS staff, in order to prevent Sandusky from bringing another child into his home. Ms. Chambers and her colleagues also failed to alert The Second Mile Board of Trustees about the 1998 investigation or take any further action against Sandusky. None of them even spoke to Sandusky about his conduct.

      In short, nothing was done and Sandusky was allowed to continue with impunity. "

      This is what boggles my mind. Child Health Professionals outside the University discussed Sandusky back in 1998. Why did they not have him on their radar if University Admin was supposed to?

      If this was truly "about the children" then Officials from The Second Mile, Centre County CYS and PaDPW would be on the Hot Seat...but they aren't. Which just screams volumes to me.

      It's not about the kids. It's about pushing the blame around.

      Moving On folks...nothing to see here.

    4. Wendy, you've really simplified the notpsu argument here! Thank you. keep the argument afloat,

      A. It's widely acknowledged that the voters of PA elected AG Kane to investigate the investigations that enabled Sandusky to victimize kids for much longer than he otherwise would have been able.

      B. AG Kane is being kept apprised of the findings of notpsu et al.

      C. In theory, the voters of PA should be quite interested in your findings if revealed through AG Kane.

      D. Apparently the mainstream media is not interested in the truths of this case (though I don't know about sensational!!!). So how do you insure that AG Kane stays on task. I imagine the forces who've insisted on pinning all this on PSU will do all possible to derail her efforts.

      E. How about getting Oprah involved?! Ray's WHVL interview is pulling in big #s on YouTube! Add Franco and Clemente and she'd draw an audience!

      Great work, folks.


    5. Becky,
      I will go public with my report on the investigation prior to Kane releasing hers. The public will see the evidence of how badly this investigation was handled.



    6. Yay!!!

      Let me know if I can help with anything. Becky

    7. To piggyback on this: on page 7 in the introduction of the "Freeh Report"... Freeh states
      "We will make ourselves available to the students, faculty and staff of the University at the appropriate time at State College. We hope such an interaction might assist the Penn State community in moving forward."

      This would be an excellent time to book a symposium with Thornburgh & Clemente and educate everyone. I can't think of a better idea!

      For $6.5 million (and counting) Freeh can hustle up to campus and appear on the dais with these gentlemen.

  3. How much clearer can you get. You have have just answered a multitude of questions that many of the people who don't believe in the real story of what ACTUALLY happened. You have, again, presented an outstanding and straight forward eval of the facts. Thanks again for are you have done.

    1. Bob,
      Facts are stubborn things. We will get to the bottom of this, despite the best efforts of Kenneth Frazier to hide the truth.


  4. This is the first I have seen this, Ray (not sure how I have missed this!). Incredible work. There has been an uneasiness, in the pit of my stomach, for a long time because something has just not added up for me with the victims. Out of respect, I have never voiced my opinion before. In combination, now, with John Ziegler's recent interview with JS, it's easy to connect some dots and question the very validity of the victims claims. DPW and CYS clearly did not do their jobs. My thoughts now have become: "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

  5. The lack if complaints from 2001 only implies that Jerry stopped working closely with boys after 2001. Complaints have to be associated with an exposure. No exposure implies no complaint, whether or not the complaint would be true with exposure. Somehow exposures themselves became crimes.

    Your analysis of the Grand Jury presentation convinced me that I was wrong in thinking that the investigators bullied young men into making up charges. Apparently the police found no problems. They did their jobs correctly. Something happened after Linda Kelly got involved. Could it be the fancy pants lawyers?

    That might be why Mr. Amendola needed more time.
    The community needs to know who wrote the presentment, and the horrific errors therein. Thanks Mr. Blehar for your excellent work.

    1. w'bill,
      Is it a coincidence that the participant records for The Second Mile from 2000 to 2003 are missing?

      Perhaps, TSM ditched those because they knew it would lead to victims in the 2001-2004 timeframe. Sandusky was known for identifying children in their first year and cozying up to them in their second year.

      Also, there is ample evidence that Sandusky was interacting with boys during the 2001-2004 -- all you need to do is look at their Annual Reports and see all of the pictures with him and participants.

      Your assessment is incorrect regarding the police doing their jobs correctly. If that had happened, Sandusky would have been charged much earlier. The police couldn't find these kids when they had their NAMES and more than half of them had records on file in the magisterial system. They could have easily been tracked down by running a simple background check.

    2. Ray, seems we need a young man who was involved with TSM in those days but uncomfortable with/ being victimized by Sandusky AND who today is interested in helping kids BUT not after PSU's $$. We need the Jim Clemente of the Sandusky/Raykovitz/Genovese story. Perhaps JC could help find such a young man.