Thursday, March 14

Ray Blehar on WHVL this Sunday, March 17, at 11AM

For those of you who missed me on Kevin Slaten, I will be covering much of the same material this Sunday on WHVL at 1100AM.  The name of the show is For The Record.

They will post the video to their Facebook page and website


  1. And a "Top 'o the mornin'" it will be. You may even drive some to green beer o'er lunch!

    Best wishes!

  2. Ray, with Mike McQueary back in the news; and Strokoff's reported argument on Monday to be that Spanier made MM appear untruthful... would this be a good time for you to comment publicly on what your research into MM suggests? Namely, that MM may have been untruthful, and/or at the least he allowed others to untruthfully represent what he saw/ heard/ reported.

    1. rdk,
      I'll look into the McQueary filing and see what his argument is on Spanier. If the argument is based on the comments made immediately after the presentment came out, then McQueary has no case against Spanier. Spanier was reporting the facts as he knew them.