Friday, March 22

Kenneth Frazier: Update and Petition

What will people do "to avoid the consequences of bad publicity?"  Let's find out.

Google "Kenneth Frazier" 


First entry: Wikipedia containing update of racial remark.

2nd entry: SMSS Kenneth Frazier: Anti-Child and Anti-PSU

11th entry: SMSS Kenneth Frazier: Audio of racist remark.

What you can do to help :

1. Go to google and type:  "Kenneth Frazier"

2. Click on the SMSS Kenneth Frazier: Anti-Child link

3. Hit the back button.

4. Click on the SMSS Audio of Racist Remark.

Sign the PSU Student Petition To Remove Frazier


Mr. Frazier refuses to face the fact that PA's Child Protection system failed Sandusky's victims and is in need of reform.  He remains an obstacle to PA's flagship University in being a leader in protecting children.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Please help current Penn State students... We're meeting with VP for Student Affairs Damon Sims on Friday, March 29th, about those racist remarks. AND we're collecting signatures at the following petition.


    Anne (1998 PSU alumna AND current graduate student)

    1. Petition link added....I already signed it.

    2. Thank you, Ray.

    3. Ray,

      Someone is interfering with the petition. I cannot send a message from the gmail account, despite the fact I am NOWHERE near the 500 message limit. Signatures have slowed considerably (39 in the last 14 hours).


    4. Is someone with tech skills helping Anne with this? At least she'll have even more to discuss this Fri with the VP for Student Affairs. How can subversion of the student voice go unchallenged by those charged with leading and governing a top American university? ...Why that could be considered un-American!

  2. looks like the Merck SEO team has been working overtime to bump us down.

    Anne, signed it already!

    1. This should be interesting.

    2. it appears he also gave this article a "Hate It".

    3. wow, we're getting bumped WAYYYYYY down. Someone in the Merck IT department has been very busy . . .

    4. Still in the #2 slot. The racist remark has moved up to #10


    6. go to that link...the proof its merck...Ray you need to call them out.

  3. Birds of a feather! I googled "Kenneth Frazier" this afternoon...Slate had the story below at the 12th rank. It's an interesting commentary by Snigdha Prakash from Nov 2011. She questions the selection of Frazier to head the PSU search for answers.
    After reading this, I emailed her about the work you folks and Sollers team have done to date. I've encouraged her to read your reports and consider writing about it!

    Her previous book was on Merck/Vioxx/Frazier.

  4. Wow, Check it out now. The first page is as follows:

    -Kenneth Frazier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    -Kenneth Frazier - The 25 most influential people in biopharma today article)
    -Kenneth C. Frazier Chairman of the Board, President and ... - Merck (merck website)
    -Executive Committee (merck website)
    -Kenneth Frazier - Forbes (his forbes magazine profile)
    -The new CEO of pharmaceutical giant Merck, Kenneth Frazier '78 is ...(harvard law)
    -Kenneth Frazier profiles | LinkedIn
    -Bio Box: Kenneth Frazier, CEO of drugmaker Merck - Washington ...(washington post bio)
    -Kenneth C. Frazier | The HistoryMakers ( bio - whatever that is)
    -Kenneth Frazier: Executive Profile & Biography - Businessweek (article in investment)

    The image making consultants are out in force. Ray, you gotta do an article on this.

    1. My algorith is different, probably because I +1'd the articles. I'll take your word for it. The good news here is the wiki article contains the info about the racially insensitive remark.

    2. per a post on FOS Merck kept deleting the reference to the racist remark from Kenny's wiki article. The IP address was traced back to Merck HQ and has now been blocked from editting.

  5. Yeah, I just logged on and found the same thing...funny....someone is trying to bury reality...

  6. We are back to page #2 from dropping to page #3....


    The first page of offerings on a Google search for 'Ken Frazier Penn State' includes this. The author credits Larry Schultz for bringing the story to his attention.