Wednesday, July 31

Freeh Lied About His Team Finding the Schultz File

In his grandstanding press conference on July 12, 2012:
Louie"The Liar" Freeh stated that the Schultz file was "found" by his team as a result of "skill and luck."  

A state witness told a very different story on Monday.

Video by Linda Berkland


  1. Linda, this is simple and straightforward! Can you get some distribution of it in the mainstream? What about on Comedy Central? The story with broad relevance is Louis Freeh's integrity.

    Go girl!

  2. Unfortunately, the general response of the media will be the same as Stu Bykofsky from the Philly Daily News to John Ziegler as Ziegler mentioned in his Betrayal of Joe Paterno book.

    Bykofsky, who actually asked Freeh a question during that press conference, said to Ziegler "I don't care if Freeh lied". And that pretty much sums up the current state of the media.

    1. The media is now in duck and cover mode. They ignored or severely downplayed what transpired on Monday and Tuesday.

      The CDT's version was particularly funny because it said Belcher's testimony "may not completely doom Schultz." Say what? It cleared him completely.

  3. If most of the BoT never read the report and most of them don"t accept alt of the report. then why don"t we pay for that which is relavent to the case. I see 100 plus pages of non supported fiction that has no relavince to the case or is just plain fiction. The media, what sells paper more than a scandal at Penn State!

  4. Let me back way up and try and give a 30,000 foot view from someone who has not done the detail work. Therefore due to the hard, necessary and detail work of Blehar, Ziegler, Morgan, etc., guys like me can make 30,000 foot view observations.
    1. Investigations were going on since at least 1998
    2. There was no damning evidence
    3. Sandusky continued, as he had no clear warnings, at least by a sick person's ability to comprehend and heed.
    4. Corbett was poking around, but not committed, and had other agendas
    5. PSU was caught between a rock and a hard place
    6. Finally Fisher and Mom was going to push this and make it as public as they could possibly do. This woke the legal and government funded entities up. The gig was coming to a head.
    7. Authorities (DPW, CYS, TSM, Corbett and crew) said, Holy Shit, Fisher and Mom are going to bring Hell down on Sandusky, and expose the weakness in our system and covered investigations:
    - We allowed Sandusky to continue to adopt, represent TSM, and we did not protect PSU from his reign.
    8. We better start to cover-up, isolate, and blame PSU, culture, Joe, Football, etc., or we're in a Hell of a Mess.
    9. PSU BoT fell apart because they were unprepared, arrogant, untouchable and good at going along as scapegoat. Otherwise, too much shit would hit the fan.

    Fill in the blanks, but this about covers it from 30,000 feet>

    1. #9 is inaccurate IMO Bob. The PSU BoT knew what they were doing. They knew if state, TSM went down they went down too.

    2. If PSU went down by themselves, then state and TSM etc. wouldn't go down? (or might not go down?) I keep coming back again and again to something more than just arrogance on the BOT's part ... Not sure what (could be anything from threats to cut the state funding if PSU didn't take the fall, to having BOT members pointing the blame from personal to "cultural")

    3. Agree the BOT knew what they were doing. They were fanning the flames of the 2001 incident to divert attention away from themselves and the TSM. Key TSM Board members were top fundraisers and had business deals with PSU. Lots of cronyism and shady deals. There was personal risk involved with members of the PSU BOT.

      Corbett recommended Freeh for the PSU job because he needed the 1998 incident to be covered up. The PSU BOT accommodated Corbett's wishes.

      They sold the University and PA's kids down the river.

    4. Agree Ray. No chance the BoT didn't know what they were doing when installing a man with previous big $$ connnections to TSM via MBNA.

  5. The good soul part of me wants to disagree that they knew exactly what they were doing. However, time is proving me wrong, I suppose.