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June 11th, Upon Further Review: Video Preview

Please join us on June 11, 2016 at 10:30am for


Location:  The Heinz History Center
1212 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA

John Surma fired Joe Paterno and set the stage for the firestorm that followed.  It fed a media frenzy full of accusations and misinformation; it destroyed lives, a great university and a storied football program.

How do we balance the pace of social media, radio, newspapers and magazines that convince people to believe accusations so quickly and easily without offering any supporting proof or validation?  While it might sound impossible in today’s world, we must find a way to protect due process from unfair and misleading information that pronounces you guilty based solely on allegations; what happened to innocent until proven guilty?  What happened to due process at Duke, UNC and Penn State?

Upon Further Review has taken on the challenge to search for the truth among the misinformation and bogus investigations handed out by the media and to provide a clearer picture of the situation.

Regarding the original information that torched Penn State, much of it has been disproved and a lot of new information has been uncovered.  The information presented at UFR is the result of hard work and serious investigation, always keeping an open mind to finding the Truth. 
We plan to discuss the complex issues of UNC, Duke and Penn State in an easy to understand format.  We do not take these matters lightly as we examine the details and follow the damage to get to the Truth.

“This program is sponsored by Franco Harris and does not necessarily represent the views of the Heinz History Center.”

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