Tuesday, April 4

Cipriano/Big Trial: McQueary Blows Whistle On AG's Office


Showers And Leaks: Mike McQueary Blows The Whistle On AG's Office

Alex Brandon/AP
By Ralph Cipriano
for BigTrial.net

At the Graham Spanier trial last month, Mike McQueary, the alleged whistleblower in the Penn State sex abuse case, made a surprising disclosure from the witness stand that backfired on the prosecutors who had called him to testify.

On March 21st, Deputy Attorney General Laura Ditka asked McQueary when he first heard that Jerry Sandusky was going to get arrested. Sandusky is the retired coach that McQueary allegedly saw in the Penn State showers naked with a boy.

It was during a bye week in the 2011 football season, McQueary told Ditka.

"I was on my way to Boston for recruiting and I was going from the F terminal over to the B terminals over in Philadelphia Airport," McQueary said. "And there was one of those little trams. The AGs called," he said, referring to the state attorney general's office. And the AGs, according to McQueary, "said we're going to arrest folks and we are going to leak it out."



  1. I doubt this will be investigated. Even if Sandusky's lawyer questions Mike McQueary about this, he can just say he misspoke and get away with it.

    Mike McQueary is tied to the hip with the Attorney General's office so he won't cross them. They even helped him with his lawsuit.

    1. Tim,
      I tend to agree that Shapiro will sweep this under the rug...unless someone with an ax to grind with him decides to make it an issue.

      Never underestimate the power of PA dirty politics.

  2. Now what, again, was the purpose(s) of this leak? And is this the leak of the Grand Jury Presentment?

    Isn't the OAG also implicated in a leak of info to Sara Ganim that would prompt her to recruit other accusers?

    1. Becky,
      It's not clear what the motivation was for the leak. I can speculate that the Friday release was done because there was no PSU football game on Saturday and the AG was hoping this would give the PSU beat writers something to write about.

      The AG hasn't been tied to the leak of the 1998 police report that led Ganim to write her "scoop" on the Sandusky grand jury investigation.

      Nor is there any merit to the story that her "scoop" led to more victims coming forward. Five of the eight victims (V1, V4, V5, V6, and V7) from the trial were known to police and the OAG before her story was written. V3 was found in July after a tip from another Second Mile kid who was interviewed by police. V9 and V10 came forward after the charges were released.