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Letterman Dan Wallace addresses the Penn State Board of Trustees

March 7, 2014 - Hershey, PA 

Thank you, Chairman Masser, and trustees. I'm Dan Wallace. I'm a proud alumnus and a football Letterman. 

I addressed you at last year's meeting here in Hershey and my topic was board structure. I applaud you for trying to make strides for a better, more effective governance of our University, however, there's much, much more to do. 

I urge you to seriously consider making more changes to the board structure by implementing Senator Yudichak and former Auditor General Jack Wagner's board compensation measures. A significant number of alumni, legislators and Commonwealth taxpayers support these long overdue changes. 

The overall size of board is still too large and cumbersome 
and needs to be reduced. 

There also needs to be more oversight by the alumni and the legislature regarding the appointments of constituency groups. We need more transparency in terms of the process for choosing the agricultural and business & industry members. 

I also support a proposal that a faculty member should become a voting member of the board. As Dr. Barron gets more involved with the board, I urge him to assume a stronger leadership role to help implement these changes. 

The board's policy should be more reflective of the alumni initiatives and newly elected alumni trustee recommendations. We are in the midst of another critical and crucial election period, and our 32 outstanding candidates deserve to work with a more cohesive and effective board. After all, we are a world class institution, and we want to enhance that reputation in the future. 

In closing, I'd like to just say that a recent alumni survey sent a loud and clear message that now is the time to publicly honor the greatest coach and educator in the history of college sports, Joseph V. Paterno. 

Please recognize his 61 years of service and contributions to our university. 

Thank you.

YouTube link:  Dan Wallace

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