Monday, March 31

Tweets of Highlights of Bagwell emails 180-297

  1. Highlights of emails 180-297 include:

    #288 - uncertainty of the threat of the death penalty
    #279 - Ed Ray stating PSU was never in a "take it or leave it" situation
    #258 - the shut down of the "Task Force" two days after Freeh Report was released
    #255 - Corbett podium pounding mad over questions about Sandusky investigation
    #253 - On July 10, the Freeh Report appears on agenda with little warning (note that the last official notice of a Briefing Call for the Task Force was on 4/4/12)
    #204 - Frazier mentions "culture" issue on 5/4/2012


  2. . EM #294&295 10/31/12 Fina emails Paw to give him heads up on Conspiracy of Silence presentment
  3. . EM#293 8/13/12 notes that Schultz will have access to all of Freeh's supporting docs, e-mails, interviews, etc.
  4. . EM#289 PA Aud Gen Jack Wagner reccos that PSU come under Right-To-Know laws. PSU fighting
  5. . EM#288 on 7/25 BOT says PSU was "likely facing" death penalty. LIKELY? Hmmmm.

  6. . EM#279 Ed Ray contradicts Erickson's death threat scenario. BOT continued to lie to PSU community.
  7. . EM#278 Ira Lubert complains that full BOT should have been involved in CD decision - notes another "rush" to decision
  8. . EM#277 Joel Myers e-mail challenging Rod's & Ex Comm's authority to sign Consent Decree.
  9. . #270 7/22/2012 Erickson sends ltr announcing removal of JVP statue b/c of divisiveness.
  10. . #269 7/19/2012 Garban steps down from BOT.
  11. . #267 Tomalis notes discussion "in part, is about the statue" and as part of "briefing call, not sunshined.."
  12. . #265 BOT sends out story by KC Johnson (Duke LAX) that states PSU acted more responsibly than Duke.
  13. . EM#263 Silvas requests FSS unlock spreadsheet. Freeh = "Teflon as strong as steel" LOL!
  14. . OAG story is that Baldwin dutifully provided subpoenas. No proof of that. I'll expand later.
  15. . Schultz was RETIRED when records were subpoenaed. His lawyers & he have never seen Subpoena 1179.
  16. . EM#258 Ron & Ken WERE the SITF. Frazier shuts it down as soon as Freeh Report released
  17. . EM#256 Paterno attys remark that Freeh Rpt "process is set in stone" & no cover up by JVP
  18. . EM#254 On 7/10/12 the BOT revised the mtg agenda for 7/12 to allow for "review and response" to the Freeh Report
  19. . EM#253 FSS member Greg Paw "has tremendous respect" for Frank Fina & his work
  20. . EM#243 6/26 BOT planned Legal Brief on Sandusky trial for 7/12/12. When did agenda change?
  21. . EM#255 Corbett podium pounding mad over questions about the Sandusky investigation.
  22. . EM#235 Frazier: "Obviously this is unhelpful" in response to Masser unofficial statement that caused blowback by
  23. . EM#229 OAG's Feathers contacts T.Cloud of Freeh Group re: MSNBC report on charges vs. ex-PSU officials.
  24. . EM#228 Tomalis mentions that 6/12/12 Inquirer article "has the Paterno hook."
  25. . EM#226: Farrell and Roberto informed about e-mails on 6/12/12, but OAG testified to possessing them on 3/23/12
  26. . EM#224: OAG forensic tech never mentioned receiving Schultz emails from PSU. Misleading statement
  27. . EM#211: Frazier tells Tomalis they'll get full download from Freeh at 5/21/12 conference call.
  28. . EM#210 Corbett still bashing PSU on budget. Wants consolidation of campuses
  29. . EM#209 Freeh group contacts Ken/Ron to set up mtg for 5/21/12. Last email to set up meeting w/SITF was on 4/4/12.
  30. . EM#206 5/8/2012 - OAG filing on 5/7 changes date of McQ incident. Frazier "Many thanks, Ron. I hadn't seen this."
  31. . EM#204 - Sandusky investigation was on track to finish in September.
  32. Freeh's references to Schultz file dated 5-1-12. They may have kept file under wraps until after the trial.
  33. (2/2) Appears OAG has not yet shared Schultz files with Freeh.
  34. . EM#204 5/4/2012 Frazier states Freeh is examining documents/email & note "culture" issue (1/2)
  35. . EM#s 183&184 3/24/2012 McNeil > Tomalis: 1 Day after OAG found "missing" Schultz emails
  36. . EM#s 181&182 3/12/2012 McNeil > Tomalis: Suspect Freeh group getting updates from OAG re: perjury particulars

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