Monday, March 10

False Prophets and Real Heroes

by Deborah Beidel

When it's easier to stay down, some choose to GET UP. When it's easier to be weak, some choose to be STRONG. When it's easier to be afraid, some choose to ACT COURAGEOUSLY. When it's easier to remain deceived, some choose to know the TRUTH. When it's easier to flee, some choose to STAY. Author Unknown. 

The past few days in the story of Penn State have been marked by such stark contrasts. 

There was a false prediction in early 2012 that “by 2014, this would all be a distant memory.” We countered with the truth – alumni and friends stood up again at 2014 BOT meetings to voice their displeasure at the so-called stewards of the University. 

There was a caution against being "overly influenced by outside recommendations.” The self-aggrandizing, patting each other on the back, “only a few of us are smart enough to know what is best for Penn State” comment stands in stark contrast to the total acquiescence to the false narrative by the ultimate outsider, Louis Freeh.

There was the attempt to label alumni as anarchists because we would not blindly follow their “move on, nothing more to see here” directives – but never did we advocate the lack of a governmental structure. We simply responded by electing responsible stewards of the University, to the dismay of the small cabal only concerned about their self-interests.

There was an attempt to silence our representation through bullying tactics and threats – but the other day, Alvin Clemens, like others before him, spoke loudly and truthfully. He spoke out as an alumnus: 
- Reminding us that we are not the delusional, Joebot, radical, vocal minority that outside publicists and the manipulated media paint us to be. 
- Reminding us that due process and justice are worth fighting for. 
- Reminding us that we can choose our own legacy and most importantly, that we need not be bound forever by our past behavior.

HONOR, INTEGRITY, and WISDOM don't come from easy choices.

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  1. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing these words via this forum. You folks are both validating and inspiring.

    Congrats on your progress to date.